40 thoughts on “I Have to Show This Off!

  1. I will get my wish in early as I never know what the night may bring. Hugs.

    Happy Birthday my dear friend
    My days smile on you again
    You give so much of yourself
    Time to stop and remember when.

    You give from your heart
    Because that is your way
    But know that others notice
    Even if they don’t often say.

    The warmth and love shared
    Are recorded and remembered
    Your life is full of meaning
    As your years as numbered.

    Maybe we learn to count so high
    So we’ll know all your years
    Knowing you’ll help give us
    More laughter than tears.

    Happy Birthday Terry.


    • Happy Birthday to you too my friend!!!!! I bought a two person size cake and a small single size of soda for Al. I am going to take him lunch and then he and I are going to share the cake for my birthday. Other than that I am going to try to get these flower bulbs out since we are not going to have snow or sleet tomorrow and finally get to a 55 degree temp!!!! Hope you have a great and fun day tomorrow!


    • thank you so much Joanne!!!!! I hope to have a small birthday celebration with my brother at his lunch time. I bought a cake for two and we shall eat it then. then hopefully plant some flower bulbs!


  2. Sorry, that you got the card a bit early .. depending on that we are in different time zones. I hope you will have a GREAT day … and thanks for publishing me little “gift”. Big Birthday Hug.


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