Break Out The Champagne Glasses, Lets Toast Together!


God answered one of my prayers! The first thing that happened was I thanked Jesus, right


Show Jumping - Prop


there on the phone, while speaking to the lady who called me today.


Medicare has approved my brother for home health care! He will get therapy to try to strengthen his weak legs. He will receive showers, and a nurse is coming here either today, later on, or tomorrow, to see what Al and I need help with.


Can you believe it? Someone is ASKING me, what we need help with! No more placing ads, no more no-shows, no more quitting of caregivers. Solid, dependable, professional helpers!


I am so excited for Al and for myself, that I could do cartwheels, if I was younger!


I had to share with each of you. I have asked many times and have received much support through prayers, and now we are going over the first huddle.


Thank you everyone!!! I wish I could hug and kiss each person I run across today, I am this happy.


51 thoughts on “Break Out The Champagne Glasses, Lets Toast Together!

  1. Wonderful news …. so happy for both of you! What a burden what will come of you now – will you still be able to get some time of for yourself. ??? Because that you need ! Cheers!


    • and you are still standing from that cartwheel??? lol. i wanted to call you or hug you are scream or something from the good news, but i know things are different in your home so i did not reach out. thank you for the great reply!


  2. That is so exciting! Praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness. As to the cartwheels, I could never do them even as a child, so I won’t be doing any of those, but I will be giving thanks to the Lord for the answer to all of our prayers. What a relief and a joy for you.


  3. I’ve not been able to get on the computer for a while (hubby has banned me after downloading a very serious virus on to his work computer, oops!), but not having checked in for a while left me a little anxious for you, silly I know, but I wanted to check. Please wait a sec…


  4. …I’m back! I got back from Rome last night and had an open bottle of celebratory wine.

    I’ve just nipped into the kitchen and raised a glass to you, Al and Medicare (much to mhhadfield’s amusement. She doesn’t know why I nipped out of bed to swig a (very small) glass of wine, but we do.) I kept it small as I know you are not a drinker. My teenagers now think that I am though!

    ‘My kind of midnight snack’ was the comment I got – though mhhadfield falls over if she even looks at alcohol.

    I’m so pleased for you I could sing (though that might be one small glass of wine’s effect!)


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