FWF Free Write Friday; Word Bank

bewitched – agony – awe – dismay – jaded – enamored – sacred – nirvana – fury

These are the words I am to use this Friday as I write for Kellie.

I am still in awe as I am sitting here with a broken heart. It feels like someone has just stabbed me with an arrow. The agony that the parents must be going through right this very moment is breaking me up.

To my dismay I have recently learned that another shooting was done in a school. This time it is an elementary school. Such young sacred children. So innocent in this cruel world. The fury rises in me higher than the tallest mountain! What are these people thinking? What right do they have to take another human life? Is their minds so jaded by their own past? Does this mean that we should excuse these animals for the crime they have committed because of the life they have lived?

I wish I was Bewitched and could erase the time. Take it away. Go back to earlier hours. Let us become enamored and reach out and pray for the school, the families and friends. Let us stop and take a moment to put ourselves in these people’s hearts.

A lot of times there is no funeral paid for in advance for a young child. Wouldn’t it be nice if a free concert given by Nirvana could be arranged? All donations could be given to a fund to help pay for counselling  and funeral expenses.

I always say I am surprised at nothing that happens in our world today. This is a sad remark because this tells us that we have become common grounds for murders, rapes and theft.

I pray that God be with all of these people involved. I pray for healing. I pray for comfort to be brought to all living in this area.fwf-badge-pink

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20 thoughts on “FWF Free Write Friday; Word Bank

    • no, they did nothing to deserve this. I can’t help ask myself over and over. My belief in God,,,,,,,,where does it stand………why did he allow this to happen to these innocent babes………..I am sorry, but I grow weak when this crap happens for no reasons


  1. Hard to have faith and trust in moments like this. Our society has violence as entertainment in games, movies … even music videos and we invite into our homes and our lives – it gives worried souls wrong ideas – that you can shot and still people stand up and walk away as nothing has happen. Gun laws has to change, but look at Norway where 68 was killed .. they have very strike laws. In same states in US are they not allowed to show love making on TV – but they show when a woman is getting repeatedly abuse and being beaten. We have created a monster .. our society.


    • Oh yes Viveka, I agree with you completely. We have created a monster. We can not show love making on TV but kids can watch it on DVD’s, video games, their parents even in extreme cases. where in the world are the morals. When I did something wrong as a kid, usually there was no exceptions. I was taught to never do it again, and not by beating, but my examples, teachings and some form of punishment and loving parents


      • Terry, there have always been mad people out there and I don’t think we can protect us against that part, but the violent entertainment we surround us with – have an impact on lost souls …
        Sorry, that I reacted like I did on your post -.so, so SORRY!
        But nothing will change through praying.


      • Thanks, Terry … I don’t want to questions anyone’s believes or faith. I probably wish that somebody had the power and the insight to stop things like this to happen again.
        We are worse than animals.


      • what makes me even more upset, is these animals plead insanity and never really pay. they get three meals, a roof over their head, tv, free college, and play time. is this punishment?


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