Tragic School Shooting

Heart of Jesus

I have just heard the terrible,  heartbreaking news about the school children in Connecticut. I just want everyone who is family and friends that my heart and prayers are with you. The tragedies that are happening in our world today, still amaze me. I want each of us to pray for this community. We need God back in our schools, back in our lives desperately.

Oh Lord take these innocent children up into your arms. Comfort them Lord. Let them know that you love them. Father, be with the family, school, and friends. Wrap your comfort around them. I love you Jesus. I do not understand why this has been allowed to happen. You are the only one who knows the reason. We need you Lord. We need  you more and more as the world around us crumbles. Help me to spread your name to each one I meet.


14 thoughts on “Tragic School Shooting

  1. When things like this happen – I wonder where was God ????
    Where was God in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996 when 18 5 years old was shot to death. ????
    Where was God at Utöya in Norway in 2011 when 69 teens was shot ???
    This is beyond my believes. My heart cry for families and friends … and for the human race.
    Thanks for this post, Terry …


  2. I abhor the violence that men perpetrate with guns, but the men who want to do violence will always find the guns. My prayers go out to the community.


  3. All I can feel right now is ANGER. Ten days before Christmas, this sick and evil ‘man’ blows away a room full of kindergarteners, plus the school principal and counselor. He has chosen to foul a season which little children anticipate all year long.

    Children who were planning to go to parties this weekend will now go to candlelight vigils and funeral visitations. Parents who planned to buy holiday outfits for their children must now shop for burial clothing.

    And from today forward, for an entire town, Christmas will always evoke memories of this violent tragedy, instead of memories of decorating trees and baking cookies.


    • I agree with every single word you have said. I have known all day and yet this evening I am still sick at heart. I can’t shake the feelings of those poor parents and the children who heard shots or watched. my heart is broken for this community


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