Torn Heart


Several nights staying awake too late

Worrying and stressing about your fate

Going back in time to who you used to be

And now seeing this brings tears to me

Decisions we’ve made impact our now

Trying to move forth but do not see how

Wishing and hoping you see the way

Is what I now pray for every day

I hate to see the tough skin you wear

Your feelings are hidden and you do not bare

I remember the softness you once wore so well

Has been replaced by an ugly and now  hardened shell

To pretend that others do not exist or walk

Brings harsh words and roughness to your talk

To ignore what is right and do what is wrong

Can only bring sadness intertwined within your song

I pray that you seek the values instilled by me

I ask God to heal your heart and let the anger be

Oh please find a way and try to heal your soul

I wish only good things and this you know

Now I have to stand back and wait

Too see if my prayers are really too late

I will wait on God and watch his plan

To help you see you need his hand.

Terry Shepherd



14 thoughts on “Torn Heart

    • it is very peaceful here today. tomorrow I have to force myself to go out into the cold and go to the doctor. After that I will stop in to Al and my favorite restaurant, grab a bite and go see Al. Hope you are having a good start to the day


      • It’s very quiet here, too. I haven’t done much of anything yet today except my prayer time. I’m going now to make my smoothie for lunch. I hope to have a long soak in the tub later and wash my hair. My massage therapist recommends a very hot bath (water as hot as you can stand, though I wouldn’t recommend it that hot for diabetics or anyone else with poor circulation) with ginger root. You take a chunk of ginger and put it in the blender with a couple of cups of water and put that in the tub. After soaking for 20-30 minutes you wrap yourself up (I use a flannelette blanket) and lay down for a while as you sweat out the toxins. It’s very relaxing and also helps the pain somewhat. I don’t do it often as it takes so long, but there is nothing particular on my agenda for today, so I thought it would be a good time.


      • I have never heard of that kind of soak. I don’t usually soak because of my bad feet. heat and I do not get along. Enjoy your soak. It is a wonderful kind of day to do this! Start the new year off right, relaxed and pain free


      • I have many times in my life prayed for something for a long time and we do wonder if we’re praying the right thing or way or??

        I have learned now that while it remains hard to wait He always has the right timing and some things have to happen before we get our answers..

        I’m not saying I still don’t get impatient because I do…I just have to TRY to remember…Diane


  1. Wonderful poem. We do have to remember that God answers in His time because He knows best. Also, we have to know that sometimes, for whatever His reason, the answer is no.


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