What Is Going On Here????

What is going on that I can not see? I wish this was a story made-up in my mind, but I am afraid this one is true.

It started a couple of days a go. It was quiet in the house that day. I didn’t even have the TV on. I was folding clothes from the dryer and the baby monitor was sitting right beside me. The only sounds I could hear was my own breathing.

Suddenly out of no where the monitor started going off. The hairs stood up on end on my arms. My arms froze in mid-air as I was folding a towel. My breathing stopped immediately as I leaned closer into the monitor.

I listened and it stopped. Oh good, I was just imagining this. My mind must be wandering.

Then it happened again. I forced my feet to walk towards Al‘s room where the other half of the monitor sat. I stood at his doorway and looked in all directions. I saw nothing, not even an ant crawling on the floor. I walked all the way into his room and opened the closet doors every so quietly. I guess I was expecting the big bad man to jump out at me. “BOO”, but nothing.

I left the room and rubbed my arms trying to get the hairs to settle down. I came out to the living room and sat down and turned the TV on immediately, not wanting to hear anything again.

The sounds were like big static noises, but kind of eerie sounding. Almost like in syllables but not recognizable in any way. I didn’t hear anything again, and had not until today.

I have been at my computer and the sounds reappeared. They are different this time. I can plainly hear them. It sounds like someone is whispering or speaking or something. It comes and goes.

Actually this has been going on for about an hour now. I walked into his room with more courage this time but did not open the closet doors. I looked around much braver but ended up going back to my chair.

As I write it sounds like someone or something is saying hush, hush, and then I will get a big static sound. Something is going on here. I now feel like I am not alone and yet I can see no one. I know you think that I have probably gone wacky, but the more I am typing about it, the louder it gets. It isn’t stopping.  What is going on here?


43 thoughts on “What Is Going On Here????

  1. Just to read your stories made me imagine myself in your spot. Short fur on my hands stood up. Scary. I also know why. We can only pray to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and seek His protection.


  2. I know someone who gets radio signals played through her computer speakers for no reason…maybe something like that? Crossed signals or something? Weird though either way, I hear ya 🙂


  3. Baby monitors are notorious for picking up other signals. I don’t know how close you are to your neighbours but is it possible that you are picking up signals from a house nearby? If your baby monitor has multiple channels (a lot have at least two), then try switching to another channel and see if the noises stop. 😉


  4. Terry, if it’s someone who wants to make contact, then you won’t be scared. It will come in peace, always. Thoughts makes it scary. You better sing a song or a psalm, that helps. Keep us informed about this mysterious matter 🙂


  5. this may sound strange but others can confirm what i am about to say. there is a phenom that happens to those of us dying. i receive these “visitors” now and again. the hushed whispers are comforting. they tell me things while i am in a dream state. it has happened while i was awake but laying in bed.

    it could be something else of course but don’t rule out the possibility Al is getting visitors. either way it is nothing to be afraid of. it would be freaky though:)


    • In my deep mind I believe it is Mom. She is here. Al has been speaking to her quite a bit lately and he said she told him she is saving a spot for him, so I really believe it is her. Now do I sound crazy???? LOL


      • not at all! i put the question out on my blog and many people told me that their loved ones experienced the same thing. i can hear them talking to me and when i am really having a bad day the comfort me. maybe they are why i am not afraid to die. do i sound crazy? lol


      • Al is afraid to die and yet he wants to die. This is probably normal. I have started being more honest with him but yet feel I am taking his hope a way from him. He is not in a good mood tonight. He is just not feeling well. A lot of crying and frustration no matter what I do for him


  6. Ooooooo…… Now I am getting goosebumps! I am not sure of what I believe in that respect, but I wouldn’t rule anything out either. I have had a few experiences that were a bit creepy, but praying always helps!


      • Then maybe it is. I always get goosebumps when I hear things like this. That always makes me lean toward the supernatural/spiritual stuff. Maybe she is trying to comfort you too?


      • do you believe that this can happen? that someone can come back and visit or comfort us? I don’t know what to think. I do believe in angels but I am not sure. I don’t know if there is a spot in the Bible that talks about this


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