Weekly Writing Challenge; 1,000 Words


#Weekly Writing Challenge


alone-on-the-playgroundIt was her first year at school. Preschool, a way from Mommy and brother and sister.

She was shy  and stayed a way from the other kids at recess. She sat on the merry-go-round watching the other students. She could hear them laughing but inside her little soul she was crying.

Marcy had always been the baby of the family. She was growing up with Mommy and her siblings Terrance and Ruthie. She had a cat named Sam too. Each night when she went to bed, she would kneel at the edge of her bed and she and Mommy would say her nightly prayers.

Mommy was the best mommy in the whole wide world. Mommy had the best smiles and made the best pancakes in the whole United States. When ever they went shopping Marcy always got a small toy for being good.

Right before school started she and her mother went school shopping. They picked out shirts and jeans and she even got a new pair of sneakers. Mommy made her a special breakfast this morning. Pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse. They even had chocolate chips for eyes and the mouth.

When Mommy and her walked into the school, Marcy started to back a way but when Mommy leaned down whispering in her ear that she was so proud of her for acting like a big girl Marcy stood more relaxed.

When recess was over Marcy went to the seat assigned to her. She was looking around at the other boys and girls when she felt a tug on the back of her hair. She turned around,” what are you doing? Why did you pull my hair?’

” I don’t know. Do I need a reason? I just wanted to.”

Marcy was looking into the eyes of a little boy about the same build as her. Looking at his face she noticed his two front teeth were missing. ” Did someone hit you?”

“Why do you ask? What a stupid question. Of course no one hit me. I lost my teeth because that is what we are supposed to do when we get this age. I see you still have your baby teeth.”

” I am not a baby. Don’t call me a baby.”

” I’m not calling you a baby. That’s what grown ups call our teeth before they fall out. And if you save the teeth and put them under your pillow, the tooth fairy will leave you money.”

” Really? Did you get money when you lost yours?”

” Sure I did. What do you think? The tooth fairy doesn’t forget anyone. Just put the tooth there and go to sleep. When you wake up make sure to look under your pillow.”

The two smiled at each other and then they heard the teacher rap the desk with her hands.

” All right class, it is time for a new  subject. Today we are going to begin to learn to write in cursive. Do any of you know how to write this way yet?”

The class looked around at each other. Two hands went up. Marcy darted a look at the boy behind her to see if his hand was up, but it wasn’t. Miss Trump went to the chalk board and wrote out the cursive letters and had each student copy them down on their papers.

When this practice was over she called each student up by twos and they gave a shot at writing their names out on the blackboard. Marcy and Darrell were called next.

So that was his name, Darrell. He looked like a Darrell, always talking.

The two smiled at each other as they made their way to the board. Each of them worked hard and when finished they turned around showing the teacher and class their work.

” Good job Marcy and Darrell. Very nicely done.”

Darrell beamed from ear to ear and Marcy blushed. They each went back to their seats and the teacher continued to call more students until each had written their own name for her to see.

At lunch time Marcy found herself on the merry-go-round again. She opened her brown bag. Inside was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, grape jelly, her favorite. Mommy had baked some sparkly sugar cookies and there was one also in her bag. Carrot sticks, yuck, she hated carrots. In fact she hated peas too. Anything green or orange she hated.

She left the veggies sit and sunk her teeth into her sandwich. Chewing it she looked up at the shadow over powering her. Standing there in front of her was Darrell.

” Hey, do you mind if I sit with you?”

” I guess not as long as you don’t talk to much.”

Darrell smiled at her and sat down. Together the two ate in silence. When they were done Darrell held out his hand to her.

” What do you want now?”

” Nothing smarty pants. I just thought I would be nice and offer to throw your bag a way for you. But if you want to do it yourself, you can.”

Without saying anything about the carrot slices she handed him her bag. Darrell felt something in the bag and put his hand inside and pulled out the wrapped carrots. He held them out to her.

” I don’t want them. My Mommy thinks I need to eat vegetables but I don’t want to. You can have them if you want them.”

” Think I will. My mom says they give you good eye sight.”

” Really? My mommy never told me that. You go ahead and eat them. I can see good enough.”

With that he took the three slices out and chomped on them. When he was done he took both bags to the big barrel and threw them a way. The bell rang and lunch was over. It was time to go back in and learn more stuff.

When school was over, from a distance, Mommy watched Marcy and Darrell walking home together.

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