I Got An Award

Dr. Rex over at


has nominated me for the Word Press Family Award. Thank-you so much my dear friend. Dr. Rex and I have been chatting for some time now.

It is such a warm feeling having friends that stop by and chat. I like the click the like button, but to be able to chat is divine!

There are rules and they are;

Shaun’s Rules:
1. Ping back to the person who gave you the Award (Me)
2. Display the Award
3. Display the text in Red as I want people to know why I made it (**I wonder if I can do this!)
4. Nominate 10 people you look to as almost Family here on Word Press”

But for this one time I want to change a bit of it.

You answer my questions, then pick some bloggers to add them to the family! Easy as pie!


1.What was the most awesome Halloween costume you ever remember wearing?

2. What age were you when you quit trick-or-treating?

3.What is the very first thing you do when your eyes open in the morning?

4. What is the very last thing you do before you go to bed at nights?

5.What can scare the crap out of you faster than anything else?

6.Did you ever trick someone on Halloween night?

7. How old were you when you first fell in love?

8. Where were you when you were first kissed?

9. What would you love to open this year at Christmas?

10. Weren’t these questions easy?

Nominations are;



Weekly Writing Challenge – DNA Analysis | Joe’s Musings

Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy

Daily Prompt: New Internet Order | Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss



46 thoughts on “I Got An Award

  1. Hey!! Congratulations!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award last month but I totally neglected to tell all of those who I nominated! Lol. But I just want to let you know, I think you’re great! You are a very strong person and I love your blog!

    😀 ❤

    I think this link should work in case you want to check it out even though it's old news now! Lol


  2. Hey, Congrats on your award, May you have many more ! 🙂

    And Thank you so much for the nomination, I’m flattered.
    But the problem is I’m new here as you know, so I don’t understand the whole process. I have to answer your questions first or what and where?


    • Hi my friend, so nice to talk to you. What you need to do is make a new post. Copy and paste my link into your new post. Then type in my questions and place your answers. Then if you would like to share with others, copy and paste their web addresses under the answers. Then link back to me so I can see it too!!! I hope this helps. I remember what it was like when I first came here and received an award! Hugs my friend


      • That is so kind and helping of you. Thank you. Its always nice talking to you.

        And I’m sorry I have this another slight problem, we don’t have Halloween or Christmas, so I don’t know how to answer your that questions?
        Should I skip them or answer them any way?


      • Sorry Terry I missed your reply and was waiting for it all this time but I just found out that you have already replied me. I was busy before as well with my studies. Today I got time to do this award thing. I pinged back to you (At least I hope I did)
        Thank you. 🙂


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