Why, I Thought of You Today


Why didn’t we agree
Why did we fight
Why didn’t we see
The ray, the beam of light

Why did we say it
Why did we scream
Now we have blown it
Because we were mean.

Written by,
Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry
October 5, 2013

couple fighting


I Thought of You Today

I thought of you today
You were always on my mind
You must have felt it to
Because now I’m here with you.

Written by,
Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry


10 thoughts on “Why, I Thought of You Today

  1. Beautiful … excellent – every word talked to me! You’re so talent.
    We don’t have to agree in everything – but we shouldn’t fight and scream because of our differences.


      • Terry, thanks .. a lot better – no direct pain, but loads of discomfort when I sit still … but at least no fire in the butt today. *smile
        As gown ups we should know better shouldn’t we ???!!!!


      • I am so glad to hear no more fire, hopefully the discomfort will leave soon too. Yes, as grown ups we should know better, but we still have a slice of child in us I guess


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