The Warm Weather Will End

Today started out with a chill but in no time it warmed to 75. I ran to the local WalMart with the grandbaby and daughter-in-law. While I was there I did some Christmas shopping.

Anymore my mind seems to swirl asI look at everything they have to offer. Even with downsizing in money and gifts this year,I try to gather my wits as I look for the right gift for the right person.

When we left I felt like I was pretty much done. I have a couple of things to pick up and some gift bags to finish, and of course the stockings to fill. I would rather be buying Christmas gifts while it is still warm than in the snowy cold.

The way I see it is when my family goes shopping nearer Christmas, I won’t have to be stressing out over cold and mobs. I can just sit back on my scooter and enjoy the pretty lights, listen to the merry music, and watch everyone else go nuts.

When we got home I rested. I tried on the hat I purchased for myself. I think I will need it as the cold winds  begin to blow. What do you think of it? Do you start buying Christmas gifts early or are you a


last minute shopper?

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