Death Dream

Four nights  in  a  row;  with last night  being  the  worst ,  I  have  been  dreaming  of  my dad and my brother .  All the loss of loved ones in my family, and these two  people  return time and time  again .

This morning  I  awoke  to soaked eye lashes. I remembered  the dream, piece by piece . The scary thing was I was somehow  dying also.

My pulse and heart rate  was so soft I could barely  feel it. My body  felt like it was some where  else but my spirit  was here. I had dreamed my brother  had passed  on and anyone  and everyone  was coming to the viewing.

I never saw my brother in the dream, but I  knew it was him. I recognized  most of the people  who came to  pay their respect. The viewing seemed to go on forever .

After the funeral home closed the doors, I saw my father humped over in a church pew. He was seemingly  praying. I  walked  over to hold  him and  started sobbing, clinging to the one person I had left . He didn’t  respond, and when I  turned his face towards  me  to see what was wrong, he was dead.

Why are these wild  dreams happening  to me constantly ?


14 thoughts on “Death Dream

    • A very Interesting way to view it. I became scared when I felt almost like I had died . I did feel very close physically and mentally in my dream. Thanks for a new view. Big hugs and lots of love


  1. I’ve had similar dreams with my gran. Most of what I’ve been told about having personal dreams, is that it’s our brain’s way of either working things out we’ve been thinking about during the day, or things that we’ve been worrying. Maybe you’ve been thinking about your passed loved ones, and your own mortality more intensely of late. The wonderful thing about dreaming, is that sometimes we can turn our dreams into good things we want to see. Usually, if I mull over the good things or good experiences of the people I miss while lying in bed, I end up with at least one really nice dream of them. I hope you have a better dream this time!


      • That may certainly be it. It can be hard to enjoy all the fuss going up to a holiday knowing that everyone you love won’t be there. I hope you can still find some enjoyment from it all though. T’is the season to be cosy, and as merry as you can bring yourself to be. Sometimes all we can do is be kind to ourselves as we adjust to the absence.

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