fall colorsFall

How can something like this

Be dying and yet consist

To bring joy to the eye

It can’t possibly die

For death is so sad

But here I am glad

I am thankful for seasons

And I do not need reasons

I’ll just enjoy the fall

Before the first snows call.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Another Season Gone

English: Black Bear mother and cubs in den,, h...

Winter last so long

Where I live

It seems Spring’s so far away

I wish Winter would go a way.

Today is cold and dreary

Snow is sprinkling down

The grass that was green

Now white is lying on the ground.

Birds are on their way

To find their homes once had

Hibernating animals are

Are poking their heads and I’m glad.

One more month til legal Spring

And I am counting down

Please go a way dear winter

Let me get out and walk around.

Terry Shepherd


Hurry! Hurry!

sunny day

Give me sun

Give me warmth

Let’s get together

And have some fun.

Sick of being inside

Sick of the snow

Sick of the cold

Gonna go run and hide.

The groundhog didn’t see

His shadow this year

Now I am marking the dates

Til I see buds on the trees.

House smells like food

From this Christmas past

The windows need opened

So it can smell good.

I want to hear

The birds singing outside

I want to see flowers

Growing very near.

Come on snow

Be on your way

Let spring come early

Way before May.

Terry Shepherd