Hurry! Hurry!

sunny day

Give me sun

Give me warmth

Let’s get together

And have some fun.

Sick of being inside

Sick of the snow

Sick of the cold

Gonna go run and hide.

The groundhog didn’t see

His shadow this year

Now I am marking the dates

Til I see buds on the trees.

House smells like food

From this Christmas past

The windows need opened

So it can smell good.

I want to hear

The birds singing outside

I want to see flowers

Growing very near.

Come on snow

Be on your way

Let spring come early

Way before May.

Terry Shepherd


38 thoughts on “Hurry! Hurry!

      • LOL! Well, sooner or later you’ll be able to open up your windows. I guess for now you’ll just have to settle for imaginary fumigation 😛 And you’re welcome, but you most certainly do not have to thank me! <3<3<3


  1. Terry, I want spring … but not before it’s suppose to be here … because everything goes wrong then – but I have the same longing for it as you have …. great piece. Lovely to have you back.


    • it feels good to be back, but boy this is a slow process. i was awake all day yesterday but today felt bad so slept a lot. if i could just get rid of the cough and infection for good i would be so happy


      • It’s great to have you back, but … take it easy – let the body heal in its own passé. Everybody around me … except mum and me .. are down with flue and colds. Never seen anything like and they are truly sick.


      • I am half way done with my newest medicine. Today I have some of my voice back. it is hard to stay down when i feel better, but i am doing as you say because I don’t want it back. I have never been so sick for so long with something like this. what a year for illness!!! hugs to you my friend


    • we did have sun today and I saw snow melting. I sure wish I could have gone outdoors, but too much coughing and infection yet. how long is this going to last?? I have never had this stuff this long? thanks for the sunshine!


  2. I agree 100%, Terry. After today, I just want to hibernate until it’s over. I understand on Monday it’s supposed to go up to about 40′ then drop again overnight. With all the snow we got today, we might have some artificial lakes develop when it starts to melt. Then we may have some skating rinks once it drops again. I just want it all gone, like you.


    • Right now I am being selfish. As I realize if I could have some natural sunshine I would heal quicker!!! LOL As far as winter goes the only benefit I can see is the beauty of snow, and I weigh less in the winter. hehehehe


      • If I had been snowed in as much as ya’ll have been, I am sure I’d be ready for spring also!! We had about 3 inches of snow about a month ago. It was coming down heavily one morning and was totally gone by the afternoon! It was pretty!!


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