Medication and Heartburn

Bottle of Antacid tablets

I love Robin Williams

So am watching Hook

It is much better

Than reading a book.

Today I was blessed

With what some would say

Some of my voice is back

I am definitely on my way.

I have never been so sick

And for this long

The house has been quiet

But today I sang a song.

I have taken so many meds

My ability to fight is now down

Now my stomach is irritated

And my smile is now a frown.

I am over half way done

Taking this last set of meds

I can not afford to stop

So now taking antacids.

Just let me make it

A few more days

I promise I will be good

And I will mend my ways.

Let Spring come to visit

Let the sun shine on me

Let the warmth finish healing

Let’s go run you and me.

Terry Shepherd



FWF;Free Write Friday/ Word Bank

Sheer Color

Word Bank: Opal, Vague, Whirl, Dream, Sheer, Conjure, Bare, Allure

Pierre’s fiance died only three months ago. Taken from him by a terrible car accident. Each day he sat in mourning on his veranda. The setting sun would cast shadows on the walls signaling him to return to the indoors only to wait until the morrow to grasp his soul once again.

Danielle was visiting his country when he spotted her opal skinned body. He watched her with interest as she took photos and jotted notes in her book. What beautiful flowing hair she had. It was a deep auburn that flowed heavily down her back. Her eyes were sea green.

He never took his eyes off of her during the hour she did her work. Her beauty allured him to her. He took his hat off and introduced himself to her. She smiled at him with vague eyes that he understood she did not recognize his language.

Danielle stopped what she was doing and pulled out her dictionary and with a little struggle communication was transpired. Pierre asked her if she would like to have a drink with him. He had to know more about her. Her smile seemed to conjure him and he felt he could not leave her side.

Danielle agreed to go with him a few yards a way to a tiny cafe that served many varieties of coffees, teas and wines. He helped her to sit and he ordered for the two of them. The two laughed and after some time a touch of flirtation became obvious.

The vocabulary of words became replaced with body signals. When it was time to depart Pierre asked her to dine with him for dinner and she accepted. He bent and kissed her bare hand and replaced his hat as he bid her farewell until their next meeting.

While the two were not visible to each other, Pierre’s mind whirled with thoughts of love. He was infatuated with this beautiful creature. He had never felt these feelings before. He must not let her escape.

He arrived a few moments earlier than Danielle. He waited patiently for her. Then he saw the white bonnet nearing him. Her body was draped in a sheer white dress that made his head dream about what was hiding under the flowing layers.

The two dined and afterwards walked hand in hand through the beautiful park. Under a tree with leaves casting privacy around them he kissed her. She returned his kiss with vigor. Two hearts becoming one at this very moment. He vowed he would never let her go. She had to be his forever and ever.

The two continued to see each other every free minute they had. Danielle was to return to her own country in five days. They talked little about the speed of the days ending. They centered more on the spontaneity of each moment. They lived and they loved.

On the night before she was to leave Pierre took her to a restaurant that was filled by soft shimmering candles. The lights were dimmed low. He had requested a table a way from all others. The service was magnificent, the food was delightful, but the beauty was held in their eyes.

After their creme brulee  was eaten, he knelt in front of her and offered his love by placing a diamond ring on her tiny finger. He stood up and pulled her to him kissing her passionately on her lips. The two left and walked to his home where he gently lay her on his bed. With every fiber in his being he professed his love to her.

The two fell asleep after many hours of passion. In the morning plans were made for her to move in with him. Before they bid each other good-bye for the three weeks they would be apart, each detail of the plans were in place.

He saw her fly into the heavens and he remained glued to the plane until he could no longer see even a speck. Returning to his home his heart felt pain as he missed her so badly.

Time went by slowly at first and then became a snail as it crawled to the last few days before they would finally be together again. He had last-minute errands to run and he was on his way out the door. When he opened it a messenger man stood

there with a telegram for him.

He closed the door and read to himself and then sunk into his chair. Tears started streaming and soon he was hugging the floor sobbing. The telegram had read, This is Danielle’s father. I regret to inform you that she was killed instantly in an automobile accident two days ago. I am so sorry that I have to tell you this.



Daily Prompt; Karma Chameleon/ The Daily Post

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I do not believe in reincarnation. My belief is that God created us and God takes us back to dust. We go to heaven or we go to hell according to how we lived our lives.

If I was going to possibly return after my death, I would love to come back as a butterfly. I would be light with no weight problems. I would be beautiful and admired but never jealous of. I would add smiles to people’s lives. As most people who observe a butterfly do so with hope of a new Spring, sunshine and faith for the future.

I would be delicate with no over-bearing attitude. I would never be guilty of hurting others with painful words. If I would find myself blending in too well  where I was I could easily fly into a new area.

I would be among other beautiful butterflies. We would all be equal with no one believing they were more beautiful or ranking higher than another. What a beautiful world I would live in.

Now I am forced to think daily on decisions that I make, which words I choose to say, and I can decide how I want my inner and outer body to look. I can almost make too many decisions but have to suffer the consequences of some  my choices. It is a hard road to follow but the grand prize in the end for me is heaven. To walk among my Lord is well worth the efforts that I make each day.