Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight/ The Daily Post

This one is sort of hard for me, because first I had to look back at the last time I had the

Judge Joseph Bonaventure, by courtroom artist ...

fight or flight mood happen. As I was going back in memory lane, it came to me. It was about a year and a half ago.

I hesitated to write about this, because it was a sensitive topic, and the person involved still can trigger emotions in me yet today.

The topic is something that I rarely speak about out loud, as if it will curse me. You know what I mean. You start saying something negative about your car, and boom, it happens, what you talked about running so good, or having no problems, all of a sudden, it happens!

I have a wonderful brother, who by now you all know, but Al and I  also have a step-sister. A woman ten years younger than myself. I can remember a time when we were pretty close. It was the baby sister looking up to the big sister, wanting to be just like her, but things changed. Life changed, our father passed away. All three of us kids had the same father.

When dad passed a way, it was the worst time in my life, the worst tragedy that I have ever lived. It was worse than my divorce, or being more poor than I am now. There was a will, and that is when all hell broke loose.

Our father knew us well, he knew each of us and how we handled monies, and therefore, he made arrangements for each to have certain things at different times in our lives.

Dad was smart, I must say, he knew Al would always need extra help. Help with living arrangements, medical, and survival. Dad never knew that I took care of Al of course, but I guess that is hindsight, the real point here is that dad made sure Al would be alright if anything happened to him, dad.

Our sister wanted more than what she received, and so as a lot of people do, they attack  the weakest, which in this case was Al,  with his mentality. One day I went to the mail box, and there was that certain white, big envelope. The kind that sort of makes your stomach rumble as it doesn’t look like an ad or a bill.

I took it inside and opened it and learned that our sister was taking me to court to switch Al from my care to hers. I instantly got hot inside. I was too scared to cry, and I did not go immediately to God with my problem.

I sweated for the better part of these  two weeks before the court date. Al and I cried a lot, for fear of being separated from each other. I think I bit my nails down to the quick, and I lost some weight also.

One day a few days before the court date, a friend reminded me to go to the Lord with this. He was the miracle worker, he was the one that saw things for what they truly were, and he knew what was right from wrong.

I got on my knees and prayed. I can still remember it so well. Al got on his knees also, and we held hands, he cried and I prayed, and when we were finished, I felt so much calmer. I had come to a realm of new realization. I had nothing to fear. I knew that I was doing the best I could with Al’s care.

The day came, and my stomach started to churn. I sat in the front of the court room on my designated seat. Before, the judge walked in, I silently prayed again, for God to use my mouth to form the correct words. Please Lord, do not let me make a fool of myself from my nerves. Help me to look calm and confident.

The judge entered and the questions started coming at me. One, two, three, four, five, and finally it was over. I made my last statement, and my voice never quivered. As soon as I was finished, the judge looked back at my brother, who was sitting in the background, and he asked him to stand up. Al stood up and the judge asked him if he had anything he wanted to say.

My brother started crying very hard, and somewhere in between the cries and the silence of the room, the judge and I,  and all others involved heard my brother say,

Please don’t take me a way from my sister. I love living with her. I love her. We go places and she takes me out to eat and takes me to the Goodwill stores to buy coca-cola. I don’t want to live with the other sister.

I think when I looked or stared into the judges eyes as Al spoke, I could swear a saw one shiny tear fall from his eye. The judge coughed and cleared his throat, and looked back at me and said,

This case is a waste of my valuable time. There is nothing here to judge, as I can see Al is very well taken care of and is happy where he is living. Case is dismissed.

I said, I don’t know how many thank-you’s  to the judge, as he leaned from his pulpit and reached down and shook my hand. He said for me to continue the good job. I walked quickly over to Al, and he was still crying. With his mentality problems, he didn’t comprehend what was happening, so I just said,

Hey bud, you ready to go get something to eat and go home?

He looked at me and asked,

You mean home with you? and I said yes!

I got the biggest smile I have ever seen in my life taking care of him. He got it! He understood, we had won, and she had lost. He grabbed his hat and waved at the people in the courtroom, telling them goodbye, and we took off to go celebrate.

What a wonderful God we have walking beside us. Some of you can sit and say, I may have won without asking for God’s help, but really, why would I want to take such a big risk of losing and counting on my own nervous self? No way, I wanted God on my side as judge and jury.

27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight/ The Daily Post

  1. Terry, that is a wonderful story!
    As I was coming towards the end a smile crept onto my face!
    I’m so glad it worked for you.. And I know what you mean when you say you could have won without God.. But I believe that he spoke to the judge through Al. Imagine if they’d asked if Al wanted to say anything and he shook his head and didn’t respond.. Or didn’t understand/comprehend the question enough to give an answer (not saying he’s not bright.. I’m sure you understand my point).
    I think you took it to God sealed the case meaning he got to go home with you.. I’m glad.
    Your faith has encouraged and reminded me of my own.. And in this time to call on Him, trusting and believing that He will work things out for my good.
    Wonderful story Terry! Absolutely inspiring!


    • yes, with her, it is always about money. she refuses to work and stand on her own feet, always looking for the easy way out. I am the first to agree we need money, but there is money, and then the greed of money. love ya Julie!!!!!


  2. Thanks for the pingback to my daily prompt story. I loved yours and also what others came up with. What a great idea to list related articles. This makes me feel like I’m sitting around the table with my writer’s group circle reading aloud our 10 minute prompt pieces:)


  3. Terry, I had a 1/2 brother just like that too. It was a horrible ordeal. Long story short, my mom got to stay with me, and not he who ran with wolves.

    I love you sis, and your gentle spirit- but there is no way I can read, comment and keep up with all the blog posts I love. I am alone, with a capital A except for the LORD and this past year has been my own personal “Dark Night of the Soul”.

    Please forgive me.

    PS: I do have to say this tho, that your writing is so nice, I mean really!


    • I am happy that for both of us the win was in our favor!
      I understand what you say about the time it takes here on WP, but for me, I am also very alone, and the friends I have made and learned to love and lean on, help me make it through each day. I could not be sitting here without everyone.


  4. Thank you for sharing this story, Terry. It is always encouraging to see how God works in our lives. It seems death and wills bring all kinds of problems and family splits at a time when people should be standing together to comfort and strengthen each other. I remember when my grandparents died. They had almost nothing materially speaking. They lived in part of my uncle’s (my dad’s brother) house. But there was some argument about a couch or something. I forget exactly what it was, but it was a stupid thing to fight about at any time let alone during a time of grieving. At that time I didn’t get anything as a remembrance, but years later, when my aunt (my dad’s sister) had to go into a nursing home, she left the job of clearing her house to my mother and she told my mother she could have anything she wanted in the house. So I got my grandmother’s old Bible and a bedspread she had crocheted plus a couple of little poetry books. I also got her friendship ring and wedding band. I just cannot understand people fighting over a will when it is perfectly clear what is left to who and that this was the wish of the one who died.


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