Help Me Celebrate!


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Today WordPress let me know that I have been with their company for one year. I didn’t actually make my first post until March 6th I believe, I was scared.

In one year I have made more friends than I ever dreamed I could. I have read wonderful and funny and sad stories. I have spoken to a few of my friends over the phone. I have sent and received gifts from bloggers.

One of the biggest days I will forever remember is the days before my brother’s birthday. I sent out an open invitation for you to send him a birthday card or well wishes. You did more than I even thought. Cards, and gifts, phone calls and even writing messages on the Facebook page I made him. I still have that page by the way and his birthday will be coming up in May so I will probably ask for your help once again.

He and I are only one year and a couple of weeks different in ages. His birthday is May 3 and mine is April 21.

I have been so blessed by all of you. I don’t know how I made it before coming to blogging world. It has helped me heal, see things in a different light. I have had helpful advice. Instead of googling something first off, I usually come here for advice first. You have laughed with me and cried and listened to my whining. You have lifted me from sorrow and helped me to cling to my faith.

In this one year I have these stats.


I know that you already know that I have over 1000 likes now.


My best day of views was 651

I am now on Twitter; tweetme1954

Facebook ;

All these wonderful places to share my stories at is awesome!

Well I better get off of here and think about supper. Thank-you all for sticking with me through my thick and thins……….


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53 thoughts on “Help Me Celebrate!

  1. congrats and some of the best people are born in the months of april and may, my youngest daughter and one brother in april, myself my dad on the 3rd too, my 2 g-sons, an aunt and oh my grt-g-sons in april LOL


  2. I’m sure i’m not the first to say this Terry, but it cuts both ways. You are just as important to US as we are to YOU. We care about you and want to help. I find myself looking forward to your posts, whatever they are about – as you know I often keep them to read again, and again and …

    I have lit a candle for Al and one for you recently, and send healing whenever I do distance healing (most nights) to both of you.

    Somehow you have become a friend to everyone on here. Take care – in the infamous words of … someone from Star Wars I think, “You are not alone …” And neither are we because we have you.


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