Another Rock In The Road, Prayers Needed

I wonder what life would be like if I was not a believer in Christ. Would that red-horned creature leave me alone? Would I be able to do what ever I pleased in life with no consequences, or maybe no conscience?

Just when I think I am climbing the mountain and I see the top not too far off, I stumble over a rock again and come tumbling down.

Each time though there is a branch hanging over a cliff and I am able to precisely curve my body over and catch it, hanging on for dear life and calling out to God.branch

I have everything running smooth. I have done all I have been asked to do. I even bought the groceries for Al today. I am so proud that I finally got this task done and forgot nothing.

I received a phone call from the waiver people asking me to call the bus company to arrange for Al to be picked up and brought home.

The first response on their side was pretty much negative. No time, no extra spaces. As we talked longer and longer she and I clicked.

In the end she ended up telling me she would make a phone call to the lady working from the day program and see what hours were available and she said she would make something work out.

I knew that there was a chance that Al may not actually go in at 8:30 am as there are many wheel chair riders and not enough  buses. It goes on and on. I have to remember that this is a big company.

Then the bomb fell. She told me that the community I live in is a place they are not welcome to bring the buses back into. She said the owner is something else and that  he is mean and rough and I have to agree. I can remember back to last summer when we had the wheel chair ramp built for Al. The owner stopped by and told me I had to tear it down immediately.

Now I knew that I wasn’t going  down  without a fight. He and I argued, he threatened to kick me out that night. I knew he could not legally do this over night but I just really didn’t need the hassle from him.

I understand that he is mad at the world. His wife was placed in a nursing home last winter and he has been mean and an ugly monster ever since.ugly-hamsters2 He will come by and practically measure my grass that grows around the bottom of the ramp.

Oh don’t get me wrong. He isn’t just picking on me, he picks on who ever is near him on any day. I just get tired of the fight.

Now this is where I asked the question in the beginning. Is God constantly testing me to see what direction I will take? If I didn’t believe in God would I be faced with all these challenges? I will not turn my back on God no matter what, or I should say I hope I never do.

I will fight this battle  for the life of my brother. I know that I can not get him in the car and down to the main gate every single morning alone. I need that bus. It will make it easier and safer for Al to go straight down the ramp onto the bus ramp.

I have called the owner’s assistant manager and I am waiting for him to stop by. He is out here in the neighborhood. I have a little more faith in him than the owner. At least he smiles. But on the other hand he will have to run it pass the owner.

I need a written letter giving permission for the bus to stop here at the house. What I really need is tons of prayers to turn this monster into a prince and say yes. Can you help me by sending lots of prayers?prince

45 thoughts on “Another Rock In The Road, Prayers Needed

  1. Terry, God does test us but the enemy attacks. Not sure if I can tell u the difference; sometimes I know right off and others it takes a while. God showed me last week what to do in a certain bad problem I was having that I believe had been an attack of the devil. God said, “sometimes you have to do something you have never done, to get something you have never had.” Does that fit your situation?


    • yes it does, I am faced with many new challenges lately it seems. I like what you say. I always thought I was not a good enough Christian, therefore God was always testing me to see if I could be a better person


    • what a fascinating way to look at this. I always look at it opposite. I have always believed that I am not a good enough Christian, so he keeps testing me to prove myself. Thank you for the prayers


  2. Terry,

    I pray the owner shows you kindness, but if, for some reason he doesn’t, I don’t believe he can legally keep a w/chair bus or van from coming to your home, anymore than he can forbid you to have a w/chair ramp. I believe the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) covers this, and as this is a federal law, it supercedes any state laws, and certainly any homeowner’s association or landlord laws. I would speak gently with whomever you are speaking to, but if they turn you down, then I would mention the Americans with Disabilities Act. I hope this is helpful.

    Much love,


    • It is very helpful Cheryl. He is mean because he is sad. I have spoken to him tonight and tried to keep the topic on his wife who is suffering from Alheizmers. Then I brought up the topic. He was nice in his own way and said he would think about it and give me an answer tomorrow


  3. can this guy legally stop this bus from coming in? i would think this falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    the other part of your post is much more in the existential realm. i have to say as an agnostic i have never thought what ever happens to me is related to my belief or non-belief in god. good things as well as bad things happen regardless of your belief. we see this everyday in our life. your hard life, in my opinion, has nothing to do with your belief in god. having said that i think your belief is a great comfort to you and i say find comfort in these difficult times as well as the good.

    you are a good person and there are bad people like your manager that you are going to deal with. you can do this and i admire your dedication to your brother.


    • I don’t know. Cheryl and you have mentioned the Americans with Disabilities Act. I spoke to him this evening and sort of what should I say, was extremely nice. He returned the niceness and said he would let me know tomorrow, but if worse comes to worse I will seek out this Act. Thanks for your help. I feel stupid that I don’t know these kinds of things, I should, but don’t


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  5. first…it isn’t God putting up the obstacles…It’s the evil one…He knows your faith is strong to come this far…and he can’t stand it that you depend on your Savior…Tell him…
    Get thee away from me Satan…In Jesus name!…
    It will work out!


  6. In one of the comments and answers I read above it said that your prayers had been answered? So the bus is being allowed to come into the complex? If this is so, then I am so happy for you and Al! Praise God!!!


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