Blood Everywhere

When I got Al off the bus I saw blood on his fingers. The driver said he must have done it while she was driving. When I got him in the sunlight I could see he had done some heavy-duty picking to his forehead.

I took him inside and cleaned him up and finished preparing dinner. When I glanced back at him there was blood pouring down his glasses and side of his face. He had put his hands in it so I had mess number two to clean up.

This time I put a piece of gauze and a band-aid over the injured area and went back to wash my hands and continue with supper. Thank goodness it was an easy supper tonight. Baked fish with baked french fries, cottage cheese topped with pineapple. Dessert was already made as you saw from my prior post.

I turned to look at him to make sure all was well and the gauze and band aid was soaked. Now it has been an hour since he got off the bus. I felt I had no choice but to call Hospice. Upon the call I was told she was with another patient and would call me on her way up.

The office is an hour from our house. I knew it wasn’t an emergency but still he had been bleeding for some time now. Due to the fact he takes blood thinners and can’t hold his head up were making things worse.

We went ahead and ate supper between me changing out covered ice-cube patches and then the phone rang. The nurse who was to come had to go to an emergency on another patient that was struggling with breathing.

Of course go to them, this is not an emergency. Hopefully this will subside on its own. I ask the triage nurse if I could lay him down and she said yes. I changed his brief and the entire time I have him in his room he is yelling, ” I am stupid, I am a failure, you may as well toss me in the trash.”

I told him to stop. I told him that was foolish talk and it upsets me when he talks this way. He kept on going. I was forced to give him one of his emergency pills. It still hasn’t taken effect but his room is quiet.

I am going to go back and check the bleeding spot. Maybe I can tell the nurse she doesn’t need to come. Maybe the bleeding has stopped.nurse

40 thoughts on “Blood Everywhere

  1. The head bleeds so easily anyway that you can lose a lot of blood, one thing you might try is an ice pack. It will slow the flow and maybe give it enough time to clot. You also might add some styptic or hemostatic pencil to your medicine chest. You used to be able to get it without a prescription, men used it a lot to stop the bleeding if they cut themselves when they shaved. Ask the hospice nurse about it though! God bless you Terry!


    • I have never heard of that so I will ask the Hospice nurse who is finally on her way. He has been bleeding for almost three hours now. It bothers me because it won’t stop. It isn’t gushing but it is streaming. What is styptic?


      • It is a vasoconstrictor that stops bleeding, it used to be real common when people used razors with razor blades, vets use it to stop bleeding in animals as well. There are other things that stop the bleeding, like a collagen coated bandage, but styptic is one of the most common!


      • thanks for the info, the nurse brought bandages and stuff like that but none of what you mentioned. I asked her and she said she didn’t have any. About 8:30 the bleeding was finally under control


  2. Terry, the next time Al starts putting himself down, tell him God doesn’t like that. God doesn’t want any of us beating ourselves up especially since he created us. Hang in there…


    • oh he can’t hold his head up because of his illness. If he could he would, his body is very weak. the illness is tearing his muscles n nerves apart. I couldn’t tell him that about God. Al already thinks he has done something wrong since God won’t take him home, plus Al can’t help it with his head hanging. Sorry, but if under different circumstances I would do as you suggest


  3. Terry, I’ve been thinking of you the past several days while I’ve been off-line and wondering how you were doing. Al is so fortunate to have a loving sister. This business of caregiving never gets any easier, does it? I second guess myself all the time. Do you? I can’t stand it when Tom is in pain and there’s not a darn think I can do about it. I’m sending you hugs and prayers.


    • I know exactly what you are talking about. Caregiving is a very hard job. No one can pay you or I enough money for what we do. It is physical, emotional and mental. There is no cure for Al and his pains are constant. He suffers and I suffer with him. I know you and I understand each other so well. Hugs and God bless you as you care for your loving Tom


    • the bleeding was finally stopped at 830. he had been bleeding for three hours. The nurse put some topical stitches in. She did a great job, I am relieved. The night was hell, but now all is quiet and I am going to try to steal some sleep. big hugs to you my sweet friend


    • I didn’t know that about the ear, thanks for telling me. Al has a nervous habit of picking. He has never picked to this point and hopefully he thinks about last night before he does it again, but I won’t count on it. He is much better tonight. More talkative. He is tired and anxious to get supper over so he can go to sleep


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