Circle of Life

I have been feeling old lately. My body feels worn out and run down. I take afternoon naps most days and have more aches than I used to. It doesn’t matter what caused it to happen, I feel it. Today when I woke up from my nap I heard from my open window children laughing and playfully screaming.

I instantly thought back to my own days of childhood. Laughter, running, skipping, jumping; all examples of carefree and happy childhoods.

What happened in between those days and today? I lived, I loved, I helped others, I worked. Each day was filled with marriage,  giving birth,  loving my children,  making sure our family had food on the table, clothes to go to school in, toys under the tree.

There were gardens to tend to, a divorce to go through, decisions to make. Death interrupted calm living, grandchildren were being born. I lived a busy life.

I smiled as I looked back and I regretted very little of what I have done. Now it is time to start slowing down a tiny bit. The pains I have just remind me that I have been lucky enough to enjoy so much; to be given so much time. Now I look to my future and what I will fill those next days and years with.


Circle of Life

A baby born

Lying in mommy’s arms

Precious fingers and toes

With smiles we watch

Them grow through each stage

And soon they are on their own

Their children are born

And we cry with joy

And hold them

In grandma’s arms

With smiles we watch

Them grow through each stage

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



fly 4


12 thoughts on “Circle of Life

  1. Beautiful photo and the days fly by so fast.
    I was just holding my new born son , and then holding his new born daughter, and just the other day I held her new born son.
    My little boys are both gray haired and bald now.
    Yes the years fly by and there are times of great distress but the joy and blessings of life forever warn our older days.


  2. You have had lots going on. Once you move & settle in to your new place – all should start to calm down.
    I have a suggestion & I hope you don’t think I’nm nuts. But …
    I think you should go to a park & get on a swing & do fun kid things like sidewalk chalk & whatnot. Use grandkids as an excuse if you feel bad going without kids – LOL
    I do this & it’s all quite fun & therapeutic.
    I know – I’m weird. 😉


    • You know actually I find that an exhilarating idea. I always enjoyed the breeze going through my hair and the freedom. Thank you. I also loved Tether Ball and Hopscotch


  3. Beautiful poem.
    I think it is nice to look back in time and have good reasons to smile.
    And oh, who says you can’t still do fun things and create more pleasant memories.
    Always make the best of what you have.


    • I agree. Sometimes it is a good idea to go back and see the memories of smiles and hear the laughter. In the world we live in today, we need that. Hugs Michale


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