Life, Don’t Take Anything For Granted. Watch Last Video With Caution

This is about Ebola.

This is about dangerous drinking water.







I saw the last video on my Facebook last evening and thought maybe it was a hoax, a sick joke, so I wanted to determine if there was a woman such as this out there. What I found out was that the woman was arrested the same day she made the video and only given 18 months in jail.

Please note that this is what I read only. Whether these are true facts or not, I am only telling what I read.


All I have to say in this post is God help us all. Satan is alive and well, while God is being pushed out of everything. Super bugs, illness that kills because scientists can no longer keep up with the speed of curing the new bugs.

Contaminated water, something we all take for granted.  People attacking their own children. I could go on and on with more examples but these three are enough. Don’t take for granted anything you do, be thankful for everything.


10 thoughts on “Life, Don’t Take Anything For Granted. Watch Last Video With Caution

  1. Hi Terry, I am still not over the father leaving his child in the car to roast to his death. I am not watching this and to think of all the demented people in the world is disturbing…


    • It is alright. At the time I did force myself to watch it and spread it around to catch that nasty woman. Fortunately she has been caught, but her punishment was not severe enough to me


    • I agree with you but I also feel it is my job to stop these people from harming others. If we don’t get involved, then they get by with crime. Hugs my friend


      • We have to. It is our responsibility to stand up and be an advocate for those who are lost and seeking, in pain or forsaken. We are placed here for to shine not to hide under a bushel


  2. There were at least two other people who showed in the background, and they did nothing to protect that poor baby. They should be in jail, at least the one who seemed to be an adult should be. Horrifying. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Just made me sick.


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