One Lovely Blog Award

Today, as I was reading my great blogging friends new blogs and responding to comments, I came across this new nomination from Lightningpen.

When I read these blogs I often find myself glued to the words. These are so good and filled with many interesting topics. I want to thank you Lightning for this award.

You are to tell seven things about yourself and also nominate fifteen others and give credit back to the one who nominated you.

The workers say my roof will be finished today. I am hoping so.

My brother woke up with a rash on his forearm this morning, so we have doctored it.

I had a dish of watermelon for breakfast.

It is to be in the lower nineties today, so there goes my electric bill!

The house will be silent all weekend as my family will be away, I am missing them already, and soon will tire of the silence.

I have gotten more exercise lately than ever. Maybe I lost a half of an inch around my waist, from picking up so many old shingles, tar papers, and nails and staples from the ground.

Did you know there is a trailer factory not too far away from here that you can clear one thousand dollars a week? No, I am not kidding!

For my nominations:



Thank you all for reading, and following me for my writings. I receive many wonderful comments. I treasure each one of them.

14 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

    • thank you. I always imagine you as a very small lady who is elegant in the way she walks and handles herself. strong headed and full of spunk……..i love the way you and I communicate, like old friends. i need to lose weight, i go up and down all the time. an inch is wonderful, now can i hear three??? lol


      • How wrong aren’t you … fare from small … more XL but I can be very elegant when I want to.
        I eat for comfort and when I was tiny I thought I was fat – my whole life has been a diet up to I became 45 and realized that I have wasted 30 years of my life as a woman on dieting that I didn’t need.


      • i don’t know why us women can not be satisfied with who we are. i think part of it is the media, i m pretty happy with myself until i see young women with petite figures and then look at myself……….lol


  1. lol, every time I come back to “raid” your blog, I need to automatically start off with congratulations…lol. Its a beautiful site and just amazing how you battle on every day. I did nominate you back in my site, too. But, please, I would rather see you spend time writing more personal stories than answering to all the recognitions…lol. You are doing fantastique(better version of fantastic) 🙂


    • well thank you Chris! do you know how you just raised my neutral face to a big smile!!!!! thank you also for the wonderful nominations. if you want me to pass them up,i will to continue writing, but just know i love that you did this for me


      • Gosh, dangit, Terry! You must be the kindest sweetest person on the planet. It just pains me to think there are people around you that think you are selfish and bad, all because of misunderstanding over Al. This just confirms it, you NEED to let Al go and start affecting your own personal life and other people that can benefit from your sweetness.


      • That would be wonderful if you passed it on to sombody 🙂 Hey, I also noticed one more thing. Weren’t you gonna put on some bacon bits on that potato award thingie there? lol.


      • i definitely was Chris! but no one wanted to play with me,,,,,boo hoo. hehe, i wanted to pass the game to others and have them add a goodie!


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