Get Your Rear Up!

Today, I did not do crap. I didn’t clean, I only fixed myself something to eat when I got hungry. I didn’t do much but play with Polly, work on her potty training, and sleep. I visited with my daughter-in-law and grandson for a little while. Wow, Polly does so good with potty training, and then as I say it out loud, she makes a liar out of me.

Last night I gave in and she slept beside me in my bed. She had her pillow and I had mine. She had her blanket, and I had mine. She only whimpered once at three a.m., and I had her potty on a newspaper. She did it immediately, and we both went back to bed and we slept, until 5:30 this morning, and then she woke me up by licking my face. She not only had to go potty, she was ready to play, so Terry, get your rear up, the day has started.

Tomorrow, I am going to go see Al, and even though he made a disapproving face when I told him about the gift of Polly, I am going to take her in so he can meet her. We shall see what he thinks of her. I hope that this is a nice visit, but if not, I have the choice to once again walk out the door.

I took a few more photos and added it to my web group on Facebook. If any of you would like to visit, just request an add to the group. The link is:

33 thoughts on “Get Your Rear Up!

  1. I love that pic of you and Polly! 🙂 No wonder you didn’t feel like doing as much today . .. she is a job in herself! haha! But fun! Hope your visit with Al goes well, Terry, as you take Polly to show him. I love the option you have now . don’t have to stay if he’s not able to be nice to you. You can go and try another day. God bless you!


    • she does keep me hopping. I will take her out an wait and wait, then she comes inside and goes before i can pick her up. other times i take her out and she goes immediately. she is making me her mommy as she wants to b with me every moment, like right now as i am typing, she is sitting on my shoulder


  2. It’s good that you can take a day or two or whatever you need to unwind and get to know yourself and your needs more. I’m hoping Al does like Polly and that the visit is good….but all you can do is try…Diane


    • exactly Diane, I will keep trying but there are no guarantees to his mood. a lady called me today saying she went to see him yesterday about funding for activities for him through disability and mentally ill patients,and she told me his tremors were quite terrible when she saw him


  3. Polly is totally adorable! I know it was a very difficult decision to place Al in a nursing home. It seems to be the right decision for both of you: he’s getting more socializing and you’re – finally! – getting a little “me,” and now Polly, time. I continue to hold All in Love and Light. Good to “hear” you happy, my friend! xoxoM


  4. always nice to have a choice isn’t it? this also give Al the choice of learning to be in control of his behavior and not to use guilt to get his way. i am wishing you, al and polly have a wonderful visit!


    • i am hoping for a good visit also, I was going to take Polly along but it is 36 outside now compared to 65 yesterday, and I just saw it snowing!!!!! so I am leaving her here, until another time


  5. Great photo of you and Polly, she are so cute … my heart aches.
    Great idea to let Al meet her.
    When are dog was a poppy, so soon as he had been sleeping we throw him outside the door …
    And it took less than 5 days and he went to the door .. and wanted out !!! My mums idea, but she are so clever with animals. So soon the poor thing woke up we grabbed him and open the door and .. OUT. He never had an accident indoors after 5 days.

    Good luck with the potty training.


    • that is what i try to do,put her out as soon as she wakes up, the problem is i don’t watch her every second, and she is so quiet, she sometimes potties without me catching her and her pooping after a meal, i am still working on her time of when she eats to when she needs to go, but when i take her out, she does go, but since she is so little she dribbles a lot


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