Very Inspiring Blogging Award


Ute is whom I woke up to this morning. When I realized she had nominated me for this award, I smiled.

To know that there are some who think I inspire them is truly a gift given to me.

To me, I am no one special. I write from my heart and soul only. I want to thank Ute and others who have nominated me for this, letting me know that my words are worthy or writing.

About utesmile

Love life, music and dance. Live today as for tomorrow it will be all history!

The Rules:

1] Link back to the person who nominated you

2] Post the award image on your page

3] Tell seven random fact about yourself

4] Nominate fifteen other blogs

1. I am left-handed, and so is my brother

2. I love Christmas trees in my house all year round

3. I don’t get all hyped up about the New Year coming end

4. I love the Victorian era and costume jewelry

5. I want to own one old baby doll before I retire to my coffin

6. I fall asleep to Nick At Nite every single night

7. I sleep with the fan blowing on me 365 days a year

Nominations are;


Melissa (Just Enough Sugar)


linesbylinda x

Vickie Fulford


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