Dedicated To A.


Looking forward seeing

Also the past can bring pain

And sorrow as I stand by

And watch others making

The same mistakes

As I did once.

The mind holds firm

To words once spoken

Yet the heart is waiting

And able to forgive

And now the time has come

For the test of love to show

That family is above all other

Matters of the world

I come to you to say good-bye

As I know I will not have another chance

You meant the world to me

And even after you are gone

My heart shall still sting

As I realize there is no more

Time to say I love you

Time to say I’m sorry

I must let you go now

Into the arms of our Father

You brought joy in to my life

You showed me love and

Filled empty spaces in my heart

I will remember you forever

In my heart no matter where I am

I loved you then and I

Will always love you forever

Smile down upon me

As you sit at the right side

You are a good person

And I will feel the void forever.

Terry Shepherd


34 thoughts on “Dedicated To A.

  1. Terry, don’t say goodbye .. yet – he are there … and you have each other still … don’t say goodbye before you have to.
    You really know how to touch my soft veins – so beautiful written.


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