The Work is Done

jesusheavenangels.jpgI wanted to thank each of you who read and prayed for my safety. God protected me through the storm and I had some help from my son also.

At the very last-minute when the skies were so black, my son appeared out of no where and I was able to escape my home.

The chat was silly between my son, his son and myself. But maybe it was to be this way to take the edge off of what was happening. He drove us to the opposite side of town and we hid under the roof of a large building.

We remained outside though safe from the pouring rains and watched the spectacular outdoor movie of lightning and rains. The lightning went side ways and curved in form many times. It would not be just one bolt we would see but three or four connected. It was scary and eerie but I felt safe.

Many times I say that my family is too busy for an old Mom anymore. They are heavily involved with their own families. But when the danger arises, they are here to rescue me.

The rains continued for many hours. There is flooding everywhere. The corn crops looked beat down. We have had so much rain this Spring, but last summer we had a terrible drought, so we actually needed it.

When we came back home, my home was safe and no trees down in my area. The electricity had never gone off. When I was walking up the ramp, it was a gentle rain falling, and I paused a moment under the open skies and gave thanks to God and my WP friends. I could feel the peace surrounding me as I knew God had done what needed to be, in order to save me.

Thank-you God and all of my friends here at WordPress.

36 thoughts on “The Work is Done

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Please thank your son for us…for keeping you safe. I am thanking God that He protected you and that He also blessed your heart with the actions of your son. A beautiful blessing of a story.


    • many times I sit here at home wishing for my children to show up only to listen to silence, but then I realize I am selfish when I have to remember they are busy also. I was so relieved to see him. I thanked him many times for rescuing me.


  2. I’m thankful you came through the storm safely, and even are able to count some blessings. Now you can pray for us out here on the east coast while what’s left of the storm empties itself on us. 🙂


  3. I am usually the one taking care of the sick . So I am the alone soldier, because I know what I’m doing or at least I think I know what I’m doing. So when I’m sick it’s leave me alone I’ll be alright. In my house nothing moves when I’m sick so I don’t get a chance to ask for help . Someone is going to come looking for me because they need something,
    Don’t get me wrong love my family and I thank God for them.


  4. Glad to hear you got through the storm safely, Terry. I was watching the news reports as they came through on the internet.
    Seems like there are many parts of the world suffering through heavy storms and floods.


    • Kadeen, my friend!!!!!! Hello, hi there, yes I am safe and now even happier that I have been able to chat a moment with you!!! Did you get in the storm?


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