You Promised Me

You said you’d                                                                    Crying

Never leave me

You promised

Every time I asked

So why am I sitting

Here in my bedroom

Tucking my pillows

Around me hugging

Them close to me

You promised Daddy

You’d never go a way

You said I would

Always be your

Little girl your

Only one but

Mommy said

You went a way

That you had to

Go visit a new

Home way up

In the sky

You promised Daddy

You would never leave me

And yet here I sit with

Teary cheeks and red eyes

My heart is broken

You broke your promise

Daddy please come back.

Written by

Terry Shepherd


25 thoughts on “You Promised Me

  1. Beautiful, Terry …. we have each other only on loan it seams like … I don’t have any memories of my dad at all, far too many children around the world that don’t have any parents at all. I was lucky that I had my mom for so many years.
    Truly beautiful, Terry …


  2. Many hugs for you Terry! God, your Heavenly Father, is holding you now. I pray you have the strength you need to get through this hard time. We, your wordpress family, are with you in thought and prayers!


    • I am really going to be leaning on you hard as the time ticks down. I can do this because I know God thinks I can. it is just so hard to accept right now


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