Daily Prompt; Toy Story


What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

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Every once in a while these prompts are things I have already spoken about on a previous post of  my own. This seems to be one of the topics so you may become bored easily and move on. It is alright if you do. Who wants to read the same thing over?

But when I was a kid my favorite pastime was playing with my baby dolls. Chatty Cathy and Baby Thumbelina.thumbelina1chatty cathy

If they cried I picked them up and cuddled them.sad-face If they were wet from my magic disappearing milk bottle, I changed their diapers. I bathed them and clothed them. I pushed them in my baby buggy. I talked to them like they were my best friends. I guess in a way at a young age, they were my constant companions.

Now as an adult I care for those who can’t help themselves. I am still feeding them. Changing briefs and holding their hands when they cry. I talk to them through idle chatter as I can’t understand what is being said.

I used to be told when I first entered the medical field that adults slowly revert back to their childhood when they become ill.

I really do believe this. There can be temper tantrums in a grown-up way too. Cussing and trying to hit, pinch or bite can be common. I guess the only big difference between today and when I was nine is I can’t carry these adults like I could my babies.

Everything else is pretty much the same except in bigger sizes.

27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Toy Story

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  4. I had my favourite doll too.. called “Schlummerle” – don’t ask (German)….. 🙂 We had to throw it in the end when I was about 40 as the plastic got really sticky. I did like to play with cars too though….
    Another truth, that old people revert back to childhood.. not only when they become ill…. I have noticed it when I go to my mum’s home, and you need lots of patience and understanding to deal with them. Having time, listening and kindness is the essence.


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