Halloween Spook Story

Shelly went across the street to babysit for Nathan. For months she had been doing this while the parents went out for dinner and movies. It was the night before Halloween. The plan was to carve the pumpkin, pop popcorn and watch a scary movie on TV.pumpkins

Shelly knocked and Nathan let her in. ” Are we still going to carve the pumpkin Shelly?”

Laughing she tousled his hair and said ” yes.”

The parents told her there was pizza waiting for them and they left. The two sat down to eat when a knock at the back door make Nathan jump up and go for it. Shelly stopped him by saying, ” We don’t know who is there. I will answer it. Haven’t your parents taught you about opening doors to strangers?”

Nathan backed off and Shelly opened the door. No one was there. She stepped outside to look leaving the door open. A cold chill went through her. Seeing no one she went back inside and locked the door.

The two finished the pizza and after clearing the table she got some old newspapers and spread them on the table. Placing the pumpkin and getting the carving knife out the two begin to think of ideas of a face.

“Let’s make him toothless. No, let’s make him look real mean.” Shelly asked ” Which do you want, toothless or mean looking?”

” Mean, I choose mean.” Shelly cut the top off making sure not to break the stem. Nathan and her begin pulling the seeds and pulp out.  She started carving the face. Mean looking eyes, a pointy nose and uneven teeth.

She was down to the last tooth when she accidentally poked her finger. Blood started dripping and was getting inside the shell of the pumpkin. ” Nathan, go get me a wet wash rag. I can’t get this to stop bleeding.”

Nathan jumped down and ran to the bathroom. Shelly was squeezing her finger trying to apply pressure to get it to stop. The more she pushed down the faster blood dripped.drippinglbood “Hurry Nathan, hurry.”

Nathan didn’t come back so she went to the sink and turned the cold water on letting it  pour over her finger. She was watching over her back waiting for Nathan and when she turned back around orange pulp was coming out of the faucet.pulp

It began to wrap itself around her hands binding them together. Slimy pulp attached itself to the open area and started slithering its way inside sucking every drop of blood as it dove deeper and deeper.

She tried to break free but the hold was tight. All she could do was watch her veins pop as the pulp took over replacing blood with orange mucus.

She started to feel nauseated and before she could yell for help she fell to the floor. Within minutes she was covered in pulp. Seeds were birthing and coating her over and over. Her eyes started to bulge as her air was being cut off.

Pulp started streaming out of her nose and eyes. killer-pumpkins-doormat It was webbing itself around her neck trying to choke her. She managed to scream one more good scream. Nathan who had been side tracked by the television must have heard the urgency in her voice. He came out to the kitchen. He saw her laying on the floor. He was so terrified he stood frozen and peed his pants.

Whispering, ” Go get the neighbors Nathan, go get help,” Nathan raced for the back door. He didn’t remember that he wasn’t to be out that back door. He ran through the darkness and into the arms of vines of pulp.

The pulp grabbed  him by the pant legs trying to pull him down. Nathan was stamping the ground yelling, ” Leave me alone, leave me alone.”  Nathan’s heart was beating so fast his chest began to hurt. He had to get help. He had to help Shelly.

With all the strength  he had he used his karate he had seen on his cartoons and chopped himself loose from the vines. He picked up speed and ran as fast as he could. Tripping over a root from a tree he scrambled back to his feet and ran to the neighbor’s door.

Without knocking he turned the door handle. It opened and he raced into the living room where the neighbors were watching TV. ” Help, help, we need help. Hurry, the baby sitter is hurt bad.”

The nice lady brought him over to where she was sitting on the couch and tried to get him to calm down long enough to get the story. Her husband ran out the door and went to where Nathan lived.

He stood inside the door and then turned and vomited in the yard. Turning back to look again he saw nothing but the shape of a body lying on the floor. The walls and ceiling were covered in orange. Shelly’s head had been strangled and her head had been  replaced with the pumpkin that had been almost completely carved.

scary pumpkin






FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt

Write a prompt on this photo.

jackson-wedding-e69Oh my God, I am actually standing here. In the door way on my father’s arm. He looks at me and brushes a tear from my eye. His eyes are glistening also. He smiles and I reach up to him and give him a peck on the cheek whispering, ” I will always love you Daddy.”

The music is playing. Roses adorn the entire room. Perfume scents the air. We take one step then two and we slowly walk down the aisle. People are smiling. Photos are being taken.

I see my Mother. She is weeping. I smile at her and I continue our walk. He leads me into the hands of my one and true love. We look into each others eyes and I can’t help but let a tear fall gently.

The minister speaks but I’m not hearing. I hear my lips saying I Do. My stomach is trembling as he slips the ring on my finger. As we are pronounced man and wife, he gently lifts my virgin veil and kisses me for the first time as his wife.

My legs feel weak. I must not faint, no not now. I place my hand in his and we turn to the guests. I hear clapping. I see crying. I see smiles. I am married. I have dreamed of this for years. I used to dance, as a child,  in my mother’s dresses twirling round and round to the music playing on my jewelry box.

I take my gloved hand and wipe my tears. Joy bubbling up and over my heart and soul. We start our walk back down where we came in as separate units. He stops me under the arch and tenderly kisses me. Running his finger over my jaw line I want to melt like chocolate drops right here, but I must control my emotions.

Wedding gifts are opened, Champaign is drank. Food is tasted. We hold each other closely as we partake in the first dance. I am drunk with love. All I can do is stare into his eyes. The man of my dreams.

He seems to sense as he always has that this may be our cue to leave. He goes to the podium and he is thanking everyone for attending. He is letting them know that we will be departing now for our honeymoon.

Everyone is standing. They are clapping and yelling good wishes. Rose petals are thrown on the floor as we make our way to the back door of the church. He helps me get into the front seat of the car. He climbs in and leans over and gives me another kiss. It is more heated. I can feel my body stirring with desire as he starts the engine and we depart.

He pulls into the parking lot. Opening my door he leads me through the entrance. Stepping to the counter he takes the room key in his hand and tucks it in his pocket. He walks to me, kissing me in front of everyone and leads me off to paradise.

Shutting the door and placing the Do Not Disturb sign on the door he loosens his tie. He takes off his tux and jacket. Slipping off his shoes he is undressed down to his trousers. He comes to me and turns me gently around.

Unzipping my dress he gently caresses my shoulders as he drops it slowly to the floor. He turns me so I am facing him. Cupping my face with his hands he kisses me ever so tenderly.

I can not hold myself up any longer. I sit on the bed and he follows. He helps me scoot further up on the bed and lies me down my head resting on the plush pillows. His hand glides down my body, my body reaching up to him. This tender moment will always remain in my memories forever and ever as we became one that evening.

Daily Prompt; No Fair

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/daily-prompt-fair/, DP, Daily Prompt

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and explain how you would rectify it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAIR.

When I was a young kid, many moons ago, I thought life was not fair. When I had to share my toys with my brother. This wasn’t fair at all.kids Not getting to stay up as late as my parents did and being told to go to bed, not fair at all.

As I became a teen I thought I should not have a curfew. Why did I have to come in by midnight on Friday and Saturday nights? I was almost a grown up. After all, I was 16 now.

The rules at my home when I first got privy to driving was, no teens in car until I had much more experience driving. I thought that was the most unfair. How was I supposed to show off my wheels and the fact I was of driving age?keys

Now that I am considered middle-aged I see a lot that is not fair. Why is it there are homeless people?homeless

Why is it that women who need personal hygiene items, you ladies know what I mean, and yet they are so expensive?

Why is it that we say we have no money and yet money is tossed on lottery, alcohol and drugs?drugs

Why are schools so expensive that parents have to fret and worry on how they are going to pay for those school books?Math Books

Why is it that we spend so many big dollars on classes that aren’t needed in college? Or why is it that you graduate college and can’t find a job?graduate

Why is it that nursing homes, hospitals and health care cost so much when we all know that elderly generally do not have the big dollars to pay for it?nursing-care-model

Why is it that one normal funeral cost at the least six thousand dollars? Couldn’t that money be better spent when we are still alive?funeral

I know there are questions with varied answers to these and I didn’t  post this to get discussion groups started.

It is just that our world is difficult to make ends meet. I see it in my little corner of the world. I am sure you know someone who is struggling in an area of their life also.

Life doesn’t seem fair, but believe me when it is all said and done and we leave this earth, God will show us all the answers.

I can’t fix it. Who am I? Only one person. Today’s problems are bigger than us. I am more than willing to voice my opinion. I am able to join a cause, but alone I can not fix these huge issues.