Two Souls Searching

She was the ugly duckling. He was the jock. She was in the cheer block. He played       lost souls      football. She had stars in her eyes. He had dollars in his. She wanted to fall in love. He wanted a scholarship.

One time before game time she got in a tiff with her parents. That same day he decided to score with his gal. The game was good. Excitement, cheers and streamers. After the game she remained behind. He went into the locker room.

She climbed high on the bleachers. He high-fived and showered. She bled tears in her hands. He came out with his girl on his arm. She heard murmurs below. He was getting too  fresh.

She heard a slap on the face. He told her to get back here. She watched the girl run. He ran towards her than quit. She watched in silence. He kicked the bleachers.

She coughed without reason. He looked up in her direction. She watched as if she’d been caught. He stepped up one by one.

She turned in his direction. He sat down beside her. She sat catching her breath. He bowed his head in silence. She touched his arm with her hand. He looked up at her face.

Tears streaming from her eyes. Weeping took over him. She said, “It’s alright.”  He dropped his head in her lap.

She caressed his hair. He wept harder.

Two Souls

Two separate souls searching.

Each from worlds apart

Two broken hearts come together

Meeting and healing the heart.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd