I Want

I Want

I want to be your dream

Your desire, your forbidden fruit

I want to be your every morning

Your deepest wish in the darkest nights

I want you to think of me and smile

I want to be your everything

I want to stand with you

On a mountain.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



17 thoughts on “I Want

  1. Great piece, Terry …. I can understand your longing for somebody special in your life – a love affair is great for anyone .. I love the mad passion, that often don’t last very long .. but I enjoy every minute I have it.
    I hope of all my heart that you will meet somebody that will be a special part of your life – but he will not come and knock on your door by himself. Use online dating … I did that under many years and I met some fantastic men.


    • I have tried online dating and ended up getting men with more baggage than me!!! LOL, A love affair, even if short lived would lift me to the heavens!!!!!! I keep my eyes open but don’t look as hard anymore with taking care of Al


      • I totally agree …. a little affair would do me nicely too.
        It’s hard to find a man without baggage in our age … we have to find us a toy boy *smile
        That will keep us awake.
        Keep on looking, girlfriend … it can be the man behind you at the supermarket. *smile


    • thank you so much my friend. We all need someone who appreciates us standing here on earth. I miss that hug or cuddled up laughing at a good movie, or dining out with someone other than my brother, and now that doesn’t happen either as it is too difficult to take him out


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