The Best Is Not Always Expensive

I wanted to share a blog with you


I thought she was talking about myself. I am not a fancy person. I don’t own fancy houses, or have lots of money in the bank. I am who God hath made. I do not have injections of Botox, nor implants of any kind. I am definitely not a Barbie doll figure type. I have no fancy yards. I do have my brother, God, a nice fire-pit for campfires, a picnic table to share with loved ones who stop by. I do have pretty flowers, and lots of trees. I do have food, so when you stop over you will not go home hungry. I can be great company. I am a good listener. This isn’t very much to others, but to me, it is a lot. It is all of who I am, and I will share with you, a piece of my heart, mind, and soul.

Please copy and paste the above link, and hopefully you will enjoy it also.


6 thoughts on “The Best Is Not Always Expensive

  1. Absolutely, I totally agree with everything you said. Especially the not having fortunes in the bank. I’ve been feeling badly about this for years since my divorce, but I realize now that just keeping my head afloat has been tough in itself. Thank you for reminding me to feel rich, even if I’m not wealthy. 😀



    • this may sound like an excuse, but i believe in it after so many years of saying it to myself, but i tell myself, if i was rich and had it all, i would also be the biggest ____ in the world, this is why i m not rich!! lol. my hubby dropped me off at a hotel five years ago with 20.00 to my name. i have come a long ways from then in strength, and guts. i don’t have jewels, but i have my life back


      • Wow, you’re amazing. And you’re absolutely right, even if we are left at the curb, we still have our life back. How true that is. I felt like a prisoner in mine with him, no say in what I wanted. Not much anyhow. Even if I’m dirt poor, I’m darn happy because I survived him, which in many ways, was a reflection of me. My lack of self-care and seriosity of it. I have learned so much. That I can live with nothing, but feel everything. Sunshine. Clouds. Music. Friendships.

        Thank you for this empowering reminder. Much love. And wow, we really do have a lot in common! And my heart goes out to you too. Us stray cats gotta stick together!



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