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Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

This is such a touchy issue. The world today is not as simple as it used to be. Years gone by the government was for the people and by the people. Today it is not quite like years ago. The dollar has become very large in the eyes of people.

I almost did not do this prompt as I did not want to be bombarded with bad comments or made to feel stupid. But then I looked at myself in my one little corner of the planet and thought to myself, I am just as good as the next person and I believe in my heart that no matter what area of the world we live in we are all created equal.

George and Sally and Joe may make more money than myself, but does this make us separate breeds living among all others? If he is black and I am white and she is yellow polka-dotted does that make us different? When we bleed, do we not all bleed in the same way? Is the blood not red that comes out of our skin?

When we are faced with a pain of loss of a loved one, do we not feel the same heartache? Do we not all want the same things in life but only have different ways of expressing it? Maybe John went to Harvard, and Sara has a high school diploma. Maybe Harry has a GED. This knowledge can provide us with a better employment opportunity but underneath it all, we are still from the same grain.

We all want to feel love, to be loved, to be healthy, to prosper, to have a choice in matters that cross our paths in life. Therefore should we all have a choice in our own personal health care? Should we all have the opportunity to voice our thoughts? Or would it be better to let someone who doesn’t know our medical history, or maybe our finances, our aches and sorrows make such personal decisions for us?

What can happen if our choices are taken a way from us? What can happen if we are entitled to come together as a union and vote, giving our say? What can happen if we are left to our own devices? It is definitely a tough question to answer. I know that as far as I am personally involved with the illness I have been suffering through, I am glad that I was able to go see a doctor. I was thankful that I was able to afford the co-pay. I have also been on the other side of the fence where I was so sick but had no funds to pay a visit. I put myself in to more debt by going to the local ER, where an upfront payment did not used to be required. But from doing this the expense of that visit was so much higher than our local doctor, I would be even more in debt. I was afraid to open my mailbox, knowing I could be turned over to a debt collector. I hated being sick even more than I do now.

As we get older, our finances change. It is harder to make ends meet, harder to find a job that we can handle the physical aspects of it. Even harder to get insurance. All I can do is live one day at a time. Pray and thank God for today only. Hope for tomorrow, and have faith that our government will keep us in the for front of their decisions.

This prompt is my opinions only. I am not in politics and hold no political position. I am a small grain of sand among the many grains of the earth. I do not claim to know even one-fourth of what is right and wrong in the world. I just know what I see around me and the suffering that goes on in my own neighborhood with illness and trying to survive for yet one more day. Thank-you.

All names used are fictious.

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt;Right to Health/ The Daily Post

  1. These are very tough issues to deal with but I think the health care system is a large dinosaur that will be extinct as we know it in years to come. Powerful interests make politicians their puppets and pull strings that polarize the body politic. Change is, therefore, slow and those of us in lesser circumstances struggle to pay for the increasing costs of medicines and doctors and hospital visits. It’s a world where insurance has become a luxury and the uninsured wait in hospital emergency rooms for the opportunity to see a physician for a sore throat and fever.
    As my daddy used to say, When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember your initial objective was to drain the swamp.


    • you said this exactly right and to the point. as i said we are all equal and deserve the same treatment but it will fade a way as everything else that once worked will also. i am getting older and one day will also wonder where i will be, who will care for me and will i die from not being able to afford health care………


  2. It’s different in England, that’s why I didn’t post on this challenge. We’re lucky to have the N.H.S (National Health Service). It’s not brilliant in some respects, but at least, no matter how your cloth is cut, it is there to administer free medical care for all.
    I dread to think what would happen if our country decided to go down the same route of medical insurance and the likes. I know it would be the downfall of thousands of people who would never be able to afford the premiums.


    • that is exactly what is happening here. children are being forced to care for parents as the cuts continue through the government programs for seniors and disabled. just for the room my brother stays in it is over seven thousand a month. this includes room only


  3. I’m living in the Netherlands and the government makes it also very hard for everyone in relation to health care… well, not only in health issues. Because of the flaws of others, we have to compensate their flaws with high prises and less care services. Everything depends on volunteers these days and let’s hope, there’ll be always someone who cares for us.


    • a lot of us here in the US are beginning to have to count on family to care for the parents as even the cost of nursing homes is exploding while medicare and medicaid keep cutting. just for my brother it is over 7,000.00 a month for just his room


  4. In Sweden we have a very fair system – we all have to pay .. $11.00 per day at hospital and then everything is including. We pay about $40 for a doctor visit – but every visit adds up in the system and when you have spent $200 in total – it will be free card for the rest of the year. Same with medicine – full price until we have reached $100 then it goes down by every purchase and when the $200 it mean free medicine for the rest of the year. If we don’t have to stay overnight over – it doesn’t cost anything for X-rays or treatments.
    Very fair – great standards. That means that everybody in Sweden can afford to end up on hospital.
    No difference between me and the prime minister. We both pay the same and we both get the same treatment.


  5. As you have pointed out, this is only my opinion and I don’t have very much experience of other systems, but I’m so glad we have the N.H.S. in England. It is not perfect by any means, but it does mean that if you are ill you don’t think twice about being seen. My family are rarely in the doctor’s surgery (I’m glad to say) but my son has been ill this week so we have two doctor’s visits plus the orthodontist. The orthodontist mentioned that the treatment he is going to receive costs four thousand pounds (so at the first sign of a sugary diet it will be terminated), my husband would never have agreed to pay this (he thinks I’m just torturing the child), especially since Joe refused to wear the previous brace and it was only through kindness of the dentists that he was given a second go when he grew up a bit and realised he’d been foolish the first time.

    The hospitals are not pretty, the wards certainly not elegant, but we are all treated the same. If you can afford to or want to go privately you can. (The private hospitals employ the N.H.S. doctors generally so the medical care is much the same, but you have crystal glasses and tvs etc). Few people choose to go privately.

    However Viveka’s explanation of the Swedish system is interesting. That sounds like a really good system.


  6. We have provincial health care in Canada paid for mostly by the government. They are gradually removing some things that used to be paid for and now aren’t. But overall, it’s a pretty good system. Hospital stays are covered as is surgery except for the cosmetic type. Seniors have some of their medications paid for and all we pay is the dispensing fee until that reaches $100.00. Some nursing homes are subsidized by the government and they take the patient’s pension to cover part of it. They are given a few dollars a month back for incidental spending. Eye exams used to be covered but are now only covered for seniors and children/youth. I paid nothing for my cataract surgery. Doctors fees are set by the government and are covered as well. For a regular visit a family doctor gets around $40.00, a specialist around $74.00.


    • I have Medicare and so does Al. They do take his entire SS check and leave him a few dollars for what I don’t know. It is barely any. I feel so bad for the ones left in between the cracks. My diabetes put me on Medicare, but for others they hurt but can not get the government help, so they are left to suffer in so many ways…………..it is so sad


  7. It is indeed a problem – and the only ones it hurts are the ones who need the most, the very ones the government claims to help. What would fix our problem is to force congress and the President to live on what an average American earns and to have the same health care benefits the average American has for one year, maybe then we will see some changes.


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