Spring Clean Mood


The weather may not be ready

The skies are too darn grey

But my mind was ahead one month

To a nice and warmer day.

I had no place to go to

The truth is I didn’t want to be out

Instead I stayed inside

And moved my furniture about.

I got the vinegar water

And two clean rags in hand

I scrubbed down my blinds

As I listened to the bands.

The windows in my living room

Were full of winter grit

I cleaned them til they shined

With a little water and spit.

I only did one room today

After being sick I didn’t do more

I lit some cinnamon candles

And finishing this I will now sweep the floors.

Terry Shepherd


30 thoughts on “Spring Clean Mood

  1. Exactly. Next week is my “scheduled” spring clean. I need to win the lottery so I can have a Butler named Jeeves do it though. Like the clean smell and look, but abhor the actual doing it. ๐Ÿ˜€


    • I have a popcorn ceiling that I would love to have repainted, but have to find someone who can do it that is in my budget. also above my cupboards are shelves that I have piled with antiques. I need help with someone helping to hand me down the items. They can clean the shelves and I will clean the knick knacks. Getting older is not as cool as old people say it is. LOL


  2. popcorn ceiling painting is a nasty nasty mess! I got tired of mine scrapped them all and then painted nice flat ceilings so much easier to keep clean. It was hard work but the end wass worth it. I have beeenlaid up with this torn ligament for over amonth now surgery Monday afternoon and my house is filthy and no one to help. Can’t wait until I can clean the winter grit and grime out and throw open windows.


  3. I can’t say I enjoy cleaning, but when I have to do it I sure do like the end result. Right now I’m still waiting for my kitchen cupboards and bathroom sink to be done, so everything from under the counters is still sitting on my dining room table, on the floor and down the hallway floor. I have no idea when they are coming. I thought it would have been done long ago. I can’t put the kitchen stuff back because when the maintenance guy came to measure he partially dismantled the shelf and bottom of the cupboard. Oh, well, I guess it’s a good excuse not to have to clean. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Problem is the maintenance guy has to wait for head office approval. When I washed my hair tonight (I do it kneeling down at the bathtub) the knob on the cold water tap fell off (again) and reminded me that the superintendent was supposed to get a new screw to fix it – a few weeks ago. That I will remind him of when I see him. The problem around here is that there is seldom anyone in the office. So you have to call an outside number and they get hold of the super then he gets hold of us. A long tedious procedure, but it is head office practice.


      • That’s a different story. We do have an emergency number to call. I had to call that when my hot water pipe sprung a leak (the reason my kitchen cupboard now needs to be replaced under the counter). They called the assistant super who was on duty that night. When she determined she couldn’t fix the problem she called the plumber right away.


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