Do You Connect or Know Someone ? Bullying

Beyond Back Creek sent me this video to watch. I had just posted a blog from my Daily Prompt about bullying.

This brought back memories that made me cry as I watched this. Back in the time where I was called names for being heavy.

If you know someone or have been a victim of bullying, please watch this.

Thank-you so much Beyond Back Creek

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

26 thoughts on “Do You Connect or Know Someone ? Bullying

  1. and if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself
    get a better mirror
    look a little closer
    stare a little longer
    because there’s something inside you
    that made you keep trying
    despite everyone who told you to quit
    My favorite part of the poem. I want to write a note to everyone with that in it.


  2. I was bullied for being “ugly”. I was kicked, spat on, tripped up, pushed, slapped and called names every single school day – one time someone even shoved me down the stairs. It got so bad that I started skipping even my best subjects, claiming migraine or period pain to get into the medical room, or hiding in the toilets. As a result I only got two decent GCSE results and was too frightened to go on to college.

    Imagine my surprise when – years later – one of my old bullies stopped me in the street and apologised! She said she’d done it because she was envious. When I asked what on earth she could have ben envious of, she said it was my pretty face, unusually blue eyes, my intelligence and my natural gift for words and sports.

    That girl turned my life around. I never tried to get revenge or confront the bullies after that; all I had to do was to be in the same bar or nightclub as them, surrounded by friends and having a good time. The guilt on their faces and the inability to look me in the eye was all the punishment they needed.


    • what an inspiring story. I hate it that you were bullied period. It is not right. The fact that one of the bullies came back later and told the truth is helpful, but she destroyed a large part of your school years. I am glad it is over and I hope it is a part of your past that does not revisit you. Thank you so much for sharing with me


  3. Having been a victim for many years., it is something that abhor, so when my nephew started being a nasty bully I tried to put an end to it. Unfortunately it has ended up with the police being with him, but he has stopped bullying now. And I hope it stops completely.


    • I am so proud of you for standing up to a bully. Although the police were involved you still tried. I hate it that you were a victim at one time. thank you so much for sharing with me Alastair…………….


  4. I think it’s important that we share … even the less pleasant things .. because there always someone out there that feels alone in the same situation. You have taken something so current and it happens all around us – and you’re now give a support.


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  6. I’ve seen this before.. its too sad for words. It’s so hard to know that kids go through this everyday. My mom home school my and my brothers. So, thankfully, I didn’t have to go through it that often. Sadly, I went through it a little in church, that’s just how life is. I hope videos like this open peoples eyes are are awakened by the fact that this happens


    • thank you for commenting. This was my hope for writing this. Bullying needs to stop. I hope a lot of people read this. Please feel free to help me spread the word by sharing this post


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