can you burn your feet while walking through a...

can you burn your feet while walking through a sunset? (Photo credit: Marc (alias willy whopper))

It is almost 6pm. My body hurts and my feet burn. I am getting older and I want to break down in tears and yet have no reason to.

I have this huge mess in the living room. Both bedrooms are torn up. I was to have help moving the bedroom furniture but as of yet no one has shown up.

I want to cry because I can’t do this work anymore myself. I get mad because I am so used to doing things on my own.

Please give me back what I had

I don’t like being broke

Body stiffens up feet don’t work

Then I think about my brother

Who’s almost wheelchair bound

And I dry my eyes as I realize

Others have it so worse than me

Oh I wish I was beautiful and outgoing and had zillions of friends.I would call them and tell them to come help me.  I have to get this project done or Al will have no where to stay when he gets here. You are right, I don’t know the date yet. But I don’t want to do this they day before because I can’t carry the heavy load in one day, let alone two.

Give me strength Lord

To make these feet move

Do what you do best

Give me a miracle

Give me the Impossible

Terry Shepherd


20 thoughts on “Project

  1. Sensational post .Th songs brought back so many wonderful memories..Stupendous collection. Jalal


  2. Terry I wish I were ther to help you, I am praying for your strength and stamina in this time of need. Take your time do what you can and don’t worry about everything being perfect right away, do the large stuff first a little at a time then worry about where the small stuff goes. Is there a neighbor or a church group that might come in and give you a hand? Do not let pride stand in the way my friend. Love and hugs (((xx))) *MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!*


    • I wish you were here also. I live on a road filled with senior citizens. My family is deceased any my one true friend lives two hours a way. I sure wish there was someone. My son is now supposed to be here tomorrow for the furniture move. This morning I spent changing out closets. Almost done with that part. Now I am going to go get some lunch and take it to Al and eat with him, then back to work here at home


  3. Terry, now I’m I lost … are you rebuilding at home ???? And are you taking Al back home. Have missed that … I thought he was changing room at the care home?


    • there is a new waiver that will allow Al to come back home. He will according to the lady in charge plenty of help here at home. He will go to a day program where he will be with others his age and mentality Monday -Friday six hours a day. I am changing bedrooms with him as his wheel chair will not get down the hall to his bedroom. It is not so hard but lots of walking and my feet are burning so bad from my diabetes foot problems. My son is to b here tomorrow I hope to move the furniture. I have been changing closets, pictures and all that stuff since yesterday. I am not certain when he is coming but from what I understand it won’t be long.


      • I really hope that you both will get the help your intitle to and I think it’s great news that he will be able to get some social life back. I hope everything will work out for the best for both of you -. I’m more worried about you then Al.
        Glad that you son will helping you. You should take it easy.


      • I can’t lie and say I am not concerned about him coming home. He is definitely much weaker and in more pain than ever. I will need the help as much as Al needs the socializing for his own self worth. I am done for the day. I spent about three hours walking and working and my feet are too burnt now to continue more. I will wait until tomorrow


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