Bedtime Thoughts


I couldn’t go to sleep my brother

Until I spoke with the only other

One who is watching over you

The one who watches all you do

Who sees your pain and your tears

That fall and you do know I’m here

For you for dear brother I love you so

I try so hard so I can show

You that you are never alone

My light is here and it has shone

For your eyes to see

Love flowing from me

Before I close my eyes tonight

Please look above and see my light

For my heart is holding yours do dear

Please close your eyes and do not fear

I will be with you again we will sit and eat

I will help you in and out of your seat

I will wipe your eyes with a gentle hand

I will always listen even though I don’t understand

I promise you as I lay my head down to rest

You are my brother and you are the best

Please dear God watch over him tonight for me………………………….

Terry Shepherd


23 thoughts on “Bedtime Thoughts

  1. Beautiful thoughts coming out straight from the deepest core of the heart.” I will wipe your eyes with a gentle hand”, really touched me. Very emotionally charged but what are we without gentle emotions. Thanks for sharing such beautiful lines with us.


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