I hate it in a way that I have been exploding myself here at WordPress. I don’t usually like others to know my weakness. The only thing I can figure out for the reason being I am opening that door, is for new ideas or thoughts on how to conquer my issues and for the fact it helps to know that I am not being judged; but still cared about.

I am a terrible patient. I love the world of medicine and I love being there for others; but when it comes to my own health, I will dissect new information given to me until I have digested the entire piece.

It isn’t really a good idea. I believe it is a phobia of mine dealing with trust of doctors, wrong diagnosis in the past, wrong medications. Put that all together in a silly putty ball, and I can make my own original cartoon for me to sit and watch.

Today, may have been one of those times my weirdness may have paid off. I was given a new diabetic medication prescription yesterday. For the reason being I had never heard of it, I did my usual picking it a part on knowing every piece of the puzzle before I ingested it in my own body.

I called the doctor’s office this morning and said, ” Before I pick-up this medication, I wanted to make sure the doctor understands my allergy to sulfur. Would you please discuss this issue with him before I go pick it up?” She stated she would get back with my by the end of the day.

I received a phone call from the doctor himself less in less than an hour. He said with a giggle, ” You have to be the only patient I have who goes home and looks up your medications. I must have missed that on your record, so I will call in a different medication. In fact, since you have been on the one type of medication for a period of time, I shall call in the same medication but change it to ER. Thanks for letting me know. I am human and make mistakes.”

I was impressed, to say the least. A doctor who admits to being human. He has won me over a little more with his comment. The ER on the change means instead of taking twice a day a medication, I will be taking it once a day in the morning. The goal is to hopefully see my sugars remain more steady throughout the day instead of having to almost eat another whole meal at bedtime to keep my sugars up.

Of course, I do have a phobia about medicines; but this is one time I think it was to my advantage.


5 thoughts on “Phobia

  1. i strongly believe that we have an obligation to hire a dr we trust and even then to know what we are putting in our body. he is so right in his comment that dr.’s are only human and yes they make mistakes.

    before my husband fills a new prescription he shows it to me. not everyone has a dr for a wife, lol, and even then there are areas that are not my field so we go to the internet or ask one of my friends who are still practicing.

    i love that you know here are people that care and offer you unconditional love. good luck with your new pill, i know how difficult it can be to keep those sugars balanced.


    • If I don’t recognize my medicine I Google it always. My problem is I have a phobia with taking medication. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes doctors would give me too strong of doses and I would pass out various times. That emotional fear has lingered all these years later. Hugs


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