Unknown Truth

You shouldn’t touch him. People may point their fingers at you. Your prints will be on him. Quick let’s leave. Let’s just go get the car and get the hell out of here. She looked at him. Fear matched both faces.

The two had been hiking. The sun was hot and above were vultures circling their prey. Water was scarce. Throats were dry. Finding a big enough rock for the two of them to sit down on, they rested.

They were being watched. Sets of eyes upon them. Wanting to be the winner of dinner; they all sat as statues. The two could feel chills running through them. They were aware they were not alone.

Were their lives in danger? Who would save them? Breathing became hushed. A twinkle of light caught their eyes. Getting up they walked towards it. Laying there in the brush was a man.

He hadn’t been dead that long because the birds had not eaten the meat from his bones. A middle-aged man, dressed in shabby hiking clothes. Blood dried on the ground next to the head.

The two looked at each other. Now they realized they were the interruption of the creatures of the wild. They had no way to call for help. They realized they could not carry the body for more than a mile.

They hated leaving him there but there was nothing else that could be done. A helicopter was heard above. Panic took over as it hovered above them. Picking up their gear they fled for their lives.

Voices came over a megaphone. “Stop, stop you two”. The two ran deep into a cave. They needed to think what to do next. The sounds of the chopper came closer. The winds picked up enough to rip wild flowers heads off.

Silence surrounded them. Where were they? Someone must have been looking for that man. The two were innocent, but running was destroying them. An hour went by. No noise could be heard.

The two came cautiously out from the cave. Gun shots fired. Pain seared their bodies. Life fell to the ground. Breathing had stopped.

Remember friends; it is always better to face our problems instead of running from them.