Standing on the corner

Waiting to cross the street

An eye turned in her direction

But no minds were to meet.


Crossed the street to the other side

The mistake was made that day

When paying no attention

To those who wanted to play.


Went into one business then another

All errands seemed complete

Walking back to where she came from

The other across the street.


Lush greens, bushes and trees

Held secrets no tongues did bare

When suddenly she was taken

Under the golden oak which she’s not aware.


She stumbled she fell she tripped

Tears flowing down her face

She was blinded by the lights

Never saw the human race.


Then a hand reached out and touched her

Soft voices she finally heard

Arms reached out and placed around her

Like heavenly  glowing birds.


She realized she would make it

She thanked God she was okay

But each night she laid her head to rest

She dreamed of that terrible day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd










Girl Scout Shooting


Back home in my old state I saw a story of a young 9 year-old who was waiting on her front porch with her sister and mom. A drove-by shooting occurred. They were getting ready to go out and sell Girl Scout Cookies. This is sad, just awful. The little girl was shot in the leg so will live but it is still terrible.

girl scout