Poetry Contest

nakedThe cover photo on this page is a photo of the nine modern Muses of the Arts, a sculpture by Napolean V. Abueva. The muses are theatre, literature, architecture, painting, dance, music, film, computer, sculpture. (Photo prompt by Marcella Leff, administrator)

You may write a poem in any style or form but it must be inspired by this picture. Write about one of the muses or just a muse- what or who inspires you. Post the poem only. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

Winner will be judged by the most original comments. One person can make many comments but only counts as one comment for winning at the end of the time limit. Your own comments do not count because you cannot judge your own poem.

Contest will be from February 24 until March 3, 9:30 pm. All members are invited to enter this contest. You can add your friends to join. Challenge them.

Administrators may post examples of poems but are not eligible to win.

A new prompt will be posted every week

intertwined Minds

I sit here very still

Staring at your face

Winding my wandering eye

Through the curves of your life

I ask myself if I can somehow

Think of words that you will hear

If sometime in our future

Our branches will intertwine

Oh how lovely that would be

Two hearts become one

Arms and legs bound

Minds thinking alike

Love for both to share

I can feel you within me

My soul reaches out to you

Come to me my darling

Let us create the

Art of our love.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


If You Are Bored

Have you ever been bored enough on your computer to check your spam in your email box? If you haven’t please don’t open any spam, but check out the titles to draw you in. Sometimes I sit here and laugh at what I read; they are so ridiculous. Other times I want to reach through the screen and choke some of these spammers.

Anything and everything is running through our spam. From something really rotten like trying to get the innocent readers to open up something that looks like it is from their bank, to crazy, wild crap like how a guy can expand his manhood.

I have even had email spam letting me know if I want a bigger penis, this is what I should do. I have to sit back and laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. I guess it doesn’t help that my name is spelled like a guy’s name; but I believe the spammers send this crap out to anyone.

So if you are bored, just glance through the email spam box, but please don’t open any of it,  unless you are positive it isn’t spam.


Home Skillet

There are a lot of popular shows on TV, that are talk shows. All sorts of topics are discussed such as; depression, movie stars, drug abuse, sex abuse. It doesn’t matter what time or what station, you can usually find one of these shows.

What draws the audience to them? Curiosity, maybe a subject close to home? What about the topic of mental therapy? Is there a therapist that sits behind a desk holding his pad and pen and writing down everything you say; for what ever topic?

When my mother was alive, she used to throw a fit at shows that were on the boob tube back then. I think Sally Rafael and Phil Donahue. She would always say the same thing. “People just don’t want to face the fact they made a mistake. They and the courts want to blame their problems on someone else or mental illness or being unstable”.

What do you think? Are there excuses being made for people who don’t want to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions? Are there times when going to a therapist can actually be helpful?

Give me your thoughts.