Out and About

Well my friends. This blizzard of 2015 for TN and KY was something else. I stayed at my daughter’s home the first part of the week then I came home because of predicted ice forming. My chances of moving the car on ice were slim according to my son-in-law.

I just can’t rave enough about him. No matter what he always looks out for me. Don’t you wish all son-in-laws were so awesome? From Tuesday evening until today, Saturday, I have been trapped within my house.

Well, trapped may not be the appropriate word. Maybe it is just common sense that kept me in. A driveway filled with snow, and more snowing, then freezing rain and today it is finally above freezing and pure rain.

We can’t have it all can we? I stayed in side for the reasons above. I went out today to get the essentials but came straight back home. From the ice melting it produces slush. Slush as you well know can be slippery. Along with the rain and the ground not deeply frozen as up north,  everything is thawing out quick.

Flood warnings are posted for TN and KY. I wasn’t worried about flooding at my house, but when I left my mushy driveway, I saw a nice, big pool of water at the corner of my house. Oh no, I sure hope it doesn’t try to seep inside the walls.

It has been a real riot this winter here in Kentucky. This week has reminded me much of my home up north. I am content though. I am dry, warm, I have food and water, so I can say nothing more for now. Oh wait, I can think of one thing I want to say. SPRING, ARE YOU REALLY COMING?


12 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. When snow finally showed up here in Louisville…it did it with gusto…A week of staying in… and being quite lazy… My days off landed perfect…and only one day called off at work…Those “seniors” were so anxious to be back they braved below zero weather on Thursday and Friday to come to see us!…


  2. Here in North Texas we have had a miserable but mild winter. We are still in the epicenter of the 10 year drought tho. We had a torrential rain complete with thunder and lightning last night. Was 70 degrees on Friday, tis 38 and looking for 18 tonight.
    God Bless you ALL,
    God knows what he is doing!


    • That is pretty chilly for your area but the much needed rain helps I hope. I would be glad to send you some of our snow and rain if I could bottle it for you. Thanks for stopping by to chat my friend! Have a great Monday start!


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