Burning Inside

The day went by without struggle

My mind was placed on rewind

The Christmas tree stared back at me

Leaving nothing but memories of time.

I get lost in the sadness of life

Like the hurricane’s middle eye

I don’t want to be like this tomorrow

I don’t want to lay down and die.

It was easy to remember the pain

Of December first five years today

When I held my daddy in my arms

And he quietly passed away.

Now dealing with Al’s illness

Is nothing I would wish on you

It sucks me in like a funnel

And takes joy and turns colors of blue.

Today is a new day for me

I am

387e sunrise in the clouds

taking my brother to lunch

I hope that he chats and has smiles

Instead of pain and a body that’s hunched.

I pray for my life to look brighter

I pray for the smiles to return

I don’t like how I have been feeling

I have to stop trying to yearn.

Life is what it is and I have to accept

I can’t keep looking back, but it’s hard

I need to look to my future

And play with the deck and each card.

Life is not always a joy as promised

It can be filled with bumps in the road

I carry pieces of each chapter

And now my body is on over load.

I pray for peace and comfort

I look at my God in the eye

I ask for another day

I promise I will also try.

To see the good in life, the past slip by, the sun shine bright, giving new fresh light, the love from you, shining through and through.

Thank you friends for bearing with me through my bumps in the road.

Terry Shepherd


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