Roller Coaster Ride

Wow, what a ride this has been. It hasn’t been fun like a roller coaster at Disney World, but it has definitely been a ride. Sometimes it has scared me but thankfully sleep has happened so much the fear didn’t have time to escalate.

That is one of the eerie things about being sick and living alone. What if I don’t get better? What if I need to go to the ER? What if I cough myself to death? LOL

I wrote to you earlier and told you I thought I was getting better because I had a short spell of no coughing. I was wrong. I finished the antibiotic the doctor had given me, but I was really no better. When I breathed it sounded like violin strings were playing in my lungs, but the sounds were not pretty.

I was placed on a new antibiotic and for the very first time in eight days I can breathe without hearing the strings. There is still the coughing going on but I think it is not quite as strong. I am drinking a cup of coffee, which is the first time in these past eight days. It taste pretty darn good.

I still feel pretty weak. My legs wobble when I walk but I did take a shower and managed to stay standing long enough to shave the jungle that had started growing under my arm pits. LOL

I have lost nine pounds as of this morning. I know that I have not eaten as much but I think I have worked so many muscles in the trunk area that this is where I have lost so much weight. Exercise, we must get our exercise. Did you know that I have muscles that I didn’t even know worked? LOL Abdomen muscles, wow, maybe I will become a female body builder. maxineHehe

Well anyways, I think I am beginning to recover. I still have not seen my brother but have called his facility and have asked about him. The nurses always tell me the same old thing, stay a way! We don’t want it! I bet it is my raspy voice that is scaring them off. I really hope with the weather being up towards the forties this weekend, I will be able to feel good enough to take Al his soda and snacks. Although I don’t feel well enough yet to see him, I don’t want him to go without the things that he depends on so much. So please say a prayer that I am able to drive and go see him this weekend. Hugs to all of you. I have missed you!

60 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Ride

  1. So sorry you are still feeling so bad…sometimes you just have to find the right meds to get you back on track. Don’t try to overdo, though, just when you feel a bit better. Doesn’t take much to get ti going again. Take care of yourself! We’ve missed you, too…


    • I was beginning to worry also. Every day dropping pounds is scary when you are not trying to lose weight. when this cough is finally gone, I will be jumping for joy! So nice to talk to you again!!!


  2. Wow, Terry, you really got it this time. Stay home and get all better. You can talk to
    Al by phone without spreading your germs. I am glad you are finally on the mend. Don’t go out too soon and ruin the whole thing. Rest and eat and get strong.


    • I ran to the gas station for bread and milk but came straight back home. I wore a hat too. I have been on here but not doing what I should be doing which is clean the house. Still going to take it easy for a couple more days. I love Maxine too. If only I could think like her!!


  3. Miss you too …. but stay away so long as needed and don’t go near the care home. Stay home and take care of yourself. We will be here all of us … Glad that you have start to recover – you never do anything in half measures. My thoughts are with you.


  4. *hugs* you poor thing. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so bad. Do take it easy. I know you want to visit al, but you have to make sure you are okay. I had those same thoughts when I lived alone. Do you have any friends nearby that could help on the case of emergency?


  5. Terry!!!! ♥♥♥ I’ve misses you and yes I was being a worry wart too. 😛 It’s so good to hear from you again. Please do keep getting lots of rest and lots of water. And don’t skimp on your meals and don’t forget to bundle up!

    Sent from Samsung Mobile


  6. I’m so sorry you have been soooo sick. Praying that you are really getting better now and that God covers Al with peace and understanding until you can see him again.


    • I can’t believe it has drug on this far. With my eye infection and now this, it has been almost three weeks. Enough is enough, right??? I am so ready to get rid of this completely!


  7. Terry, I wasn’t on the computer at all yesterday and am just now reading some of my e-mail. I’m glad you are a little better but praying that you will be rid of this thing once and for all and very soon. I understand that a lot of people have had something similar and it has hung on for a long time. Just tell it to go and kick it right out the door! 🙂 It will be so good when winter is over and we get some nice weather again. I’m sure it will be better for your health, too. It’s going down to 25′ here tonight, 9′ tomorrow night and 7′ on Saturday night and we are supposed to get a pile of snow overnight. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen as I’ll be out quite a bit tomorrow. Get a good sleep tonight, Terry, keep warm, drink lots of fluids and get rid of that nasty bronchitis.


    • each day i am getting a bit better. I still can not go out or see my brother, but at least i am moving around. I hope you don’t get that snow and cold. here we have had some icy rain and today it is windy and about 32


      • Well, unfortunately we got the snow but no freezing rain. It is now 19′ but feels like 4′ with the wind chill and is supposed to go down to 9′ tonight, so I don’t know what the wind chill will be then. It has been like a blizzard since the middle of the night and schools are closed. Even one of the malls was closed this morning. Prayer meeting was cancelled so I haven’t budged today. I’m not even sure if our parking lot has been plowed yet. I just want to burrow into my bed and pretend it isn’t happening. 🙂 We were supposed to get between 6″ and 7″ of snow altogether, but don’t know if there is that much or more.


      • wow, that sounds awful. it is to be 14 here for a low tonight and in the 30’s for a high tomorrow. Sunday finally sun and 40 then back to the 30’s all the rest of the week


  8. Feel better soon, Terry.

    They (whoever the mysterious “they” are) say that the cough lasts up to 18 days after the antibiotics are done. So don’t worry too much if you are still coughing afterwards. I know I was.

    I had the flu the first week of January, which turned into pneumonia. I missed three consecutive weeks of work. Though my husband argues I really didn’t as I was working from home. Anytime someone called, I had them leave a message and followed up via email. My voice rasped like Darth Vader, and every time I spoke more than a word or two I’d have another coughing fit that would make a cat hacking up a hairball envious. 😛

    May your health return and bring you a warm smile.
    May you continue to share laughter and Love a long while.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayer, Terry. 😀

    – Tara


    • Tara that is exactly how I am! The voice, coughing and talking. Thank you for sharing this with me. It makes me feel a little better that this is sort of normal for the time length of it. Also thank you for the card. It made my day brighter!!!!


      • I have tips on the blog page of my website about how to stop cold sores, myths about colds, boosting immunity with probiotics, etc. My Resource page has a lot of information for staying well without medication. But I have to let the book explain the final details, or I will never break even….


      • Oh alright. I just kept reading down but didn’t look at the side links. Thanks for letting me know and I understand why you can’t divulge too much


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