Fear On The Edge Of Your Seat

Come here my friends. Come closer, sit on the edge of your seats. Be prepared to quiver and shake. Get ready for the ride of your life. This is a true story of what happened here at my home ballooned with effects to give you a better scare. Are you ready? Have you gone to the bathroom already?

Click on the link to get the sound. It will play in the background while you read.

It was a very dark night. No wind was blowing. All was calm. The whole evening had been this way. Something even had changed with Al. The house just had an eerie feeling about it; but nothing I could put my finger on.

The later the evening went the more Al became quiet. He had slept from after supper and at his usual time he didn’t want to get up. I let him sleep some more. The next time I tried to wake him up, he did but he was not himself. He was more like a shell or a skeleton. I said his name a few times with no response. I finally ended up yelling, ” Al, Al, answer me. Can you hear me Al? Who am I?”

skeleton_1He finally looked at me with eyes that sent shivers down my spine. I got a cold chill that ran completely through me as I was looking into empty eyes.

I somehow managed to be able to hold him up long enough to change his brief but then almost dropped him from fear that over took my soul.

I let out a scream, which didn’t even phase Al at all.scared_face My face  felt cold as the fear dripped from my head.blood dripping

I was staring at his bed sheets and what I saw I had never seen before, never in all my years of being a caregiver.

The bed pad had a large circle or odd shape of black. I quickly changed Al and  put him  in his recliner. When I got him positioned I quietly asked, ” are you hurting anywhere? Do you have pain? Is everything alright?”

He never answered me. He dropped his head and just seemed lifeless.LifelessAndrew

At this time my heart was racing and yet I knew I had to remain calm. My son and my nephew came about then. They were talking about all of their major issues from the day.

In my mind I was scared. I could feel my body shivering from what I had seen.scared woman I talked to them a few minutes and then my son conversed with my daughter via cell phone.

While they were talking I sneaked a way back to my bedroom and called Hospice. I explained every detail I could remember and she told me that Al is beginning to go through the stage of Renal Failure.

Oh my God is all that was racing through my mind. I felt like rats were eating at my brain, leaving me nothing but pieces of broken threads. Nothing was connecting. All I could gather in sentences were this is bad.rat

I hung up and went and threw all the evidence in the trash can. I smiled at Al and asked him if he was ready for his bedtime snack. I heard nothing but he did look in my direction. I went to the kitchen and got him a glass of juice, a pop tart and his medications.

Going back I gave him his medicine first and then sat the goodie in his lap. He sat there, motionless. I prompted him a couple of times and then he reached for the food.

I told him I would be back. The guys had gone outside to build a fire in the pit. We all gathered round. It was a nice roaring fire and although it is still summer there was a slight chill in the air at midnight.bonfire

We were all discussing the day. I was glancing towards the house admiring the white lights that run throughout the wheelchair ramp.

I remembered Al and came back in. He had not moved. Once again I prompted him he needed to eat a little because he had his medications. He moved his arm as if to raise it to his mouth so I left again.

Once back outside I started telling the guys how I felt an eerie feeling. I felt like something was not right. I had an instinct that Al was not really here with me. We started discussing a little bit about his life and what he had done in it.

My nephew made the comment that Al had always been a fighter. He said Al will not give up until he can fight no longer. I looked back at the ramp again. Those white lights always bring me comfort.

The fire was crackling and all three of us became quiet for a short time. Then we heard something in the trees. A squirrel?squirrel Was the owl back? A couple of weeks a go there was a big, white owl that was sitting in the tree directly above me. owlMaybe Rhino had tried to come outside.IMG_0561

No, it was none of these things. In fact, what caught our attention was the click of the screen door. Now you have to realize it is dark except from the glow of the fire and the lights surrounding the ramp.

We all turn to look at the door when we heard the click of the handle. We watch as the door is thrown open. Not gently, but like a force of someone being in a hurry.

It was opened as far as it could go, then in two seconds it was slammed shut.Door

We all saw it. There was no denying it. We jumped up out of our seats and huddled.

I knew that Al was inside and I needed to check on him. Swallowing hard and forcing my feet to walk, I had to enter that door that had just opened and slammed by itself.

I went in and checked on Al. He had never eaten the pop tart nor touched his drink. Once again I  somehow with added strength, was able to get him out of his recliner and into bed. I changed his brief, rolled him over and tucked him in. He was nothing more than a zombie at this  point.zombie

I made myself walk through the house. Opening closet doors, looking behind shower curtains.shower curtain Nothing, no one was anywhere. I went back in and again checked on out-of-it Al and he was sitting up in bed, wide awake. His eyes were wide and he looked at me but said nothing. I asked, ” are you alright? Did you see Mom?”  He looked at me and then laid back down. I went back outside.

We tried to reason what we had witnessed but there was no explanation. The door had been flung open and slammed shut. We all saw it. The fire was almost out so the guys headed home and I had to come in the house by myself.

Someone or something had definitely been in our house. Last week the door action had happened twice. Once when I was here alone and then when I had company it did it again. The TV had been turned very loud by someone other than me and with no remote.

Was it a spirit? Was it Mom here for Al? I don’t know. Maybe I will never know. Whom ever or what ever it was definitely linked to Al.angel-looking-down-from-heaven-534

haunted house

46 thoughts on “Fear On The Edge Of Your Seat

  1. Oh my, Terry. Meaningful things are certainly happening. I’m happy for you that others saw the door open and close. Any good scientist knows we don’t have all the answers so trust your feelings. And my thoughts are with you as you go through this.


    • my one kid was here when it happened. the other two know about it. The one who was here didn’t know what to think. He saw it, he believed it because he saw it happen, but doesn’t know who or what it was. any ideas?


      • everything. No wind, midnight, Al was in bed and can’t walk. Rhino the cat was sleeping and couldn’t reach the door handle anyways. There was no one around. It was quiet except the crackles of the fires. We all three heard the click of the door. Our first instincts was Al was walking outside, as that is what he used to do, but realizing he can’t walk, we thought maybe the cat, but the cat can’t reach the door handle. I don’t know what else it could possibly be. do you?


  2. Terry, pray. Have a pastor or minister come over sometime and along with him pray a covering over every single room in that house. There is nothing which God does that would bring fear and worry into your life, therefore I believe you have a different issue on your hands, so if you can get that prayer done as soon as possible. Also, maybe you can set a time and day for all of us WP friends to stop what we’re doing and join in you in prayer. (Sorry if I scared you)


    • My mind is thinking it is our Mother. Al keeps talking to her and he says she is stretching her arm down waiting for him to grab it. I don’t think it is anything bad. Al received a prayer cloth that was anointed and I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything or not.


      • I don’t usually do this, but it makes me uneasy that there’s a presence lingering around you and Al. The Bible describes death as a sleep, a deep sleep, and states that the dead know nothing. Unless God has breathed life back into a human body, that person remains at rest until Christ comes again. (Eccl 9:5, Eccl 9:6, Eccl 9:10, Jhn 5:28, 29 , Jhn 11: 11-14) That’s why I’ve opted to sound a bit loopy, and said pray, because I don’t believe it’s your Mom’s presence.


  3. After my grandpa passed away my grandpa told me she saw these people standing in our kitchen. A tall man with a cap and cane. It seemed out kitchen had been mislabeled on the supernatural map, as the meeting point for spirits moving on. She saw them again, the same man but with a different person. This was all around the kitchen. I am in there all the time. I used to sense ghosts when I was a kid. I could look at a horse race list and tell you the winner. I was a weird kid, a sensitive is what people would term it. Before my grandpa passed away we had no strange sounds that I am aware of but remember I have two boys and four cats and 3 women here so at 2pm that day when I knew my grandpa was no longer with us, it was his body. We had given him his medicine and he had passed away with that small pink pill stuck to the roof of his mouth. I can still see it. I hate that it happened but we didn’t know his spirit was gone. I look back and see it now. I had to move his eye lids to keep his eyes from drying out as he stopped blinking. He did not respond to three women screaming his name, no, he was gone and an hour and a half later his body stopped breathing. This was a 92 year old man, all bones at the end. Your Al, has more tethers to Earth with you. My grandpa saw the spirits of his brother and sister in law before he passed away. I didn’t know that until I nearly walked into the room where he sat in his recliner and he was talking to someone. But he was alone in the big room. When I came in he stopped talking and I walked all around the room looking for cold spots, or any changes in temperature in the room but found none. I mean we have four cats. One of them would notice if something ‘other’ was with us or among us. I saw spirits as a kid and hated sleeping alone at night. I’d curl up at my parents bedroom door knowing my father would be so angry with me when he found me there but it was the only spot I could go where I felt somewhat safe and the spirits wouldn’t come that close.

    I don’t hear them now. I don’t see them but I sometimes sense them. I don’t understand it but things do happen. It takes a lot of strength to slam open a door. Maybe your mom is asking Al to come with her and he is refusing because of his fear and out of her anger she banged the door. I don’t know but in this world anything is possible.


    • Colleen, do you think that since Al claims to see and talk to Mom so much it could be her? Could this have anything to do with the prayer cloth he was given the day prior? Al says quite often Mom is reaching her hand down to him asking him to grab it


  4. My prayers are with you and Al and family. God is not fear and we don’t understand the supernatural. But in the Bible when an Angel appeared to someone – the Angel had to say – Don’t be afraid. A thought to ponder. 🙂


    • today I felt comfort as I want to so hard believe it is our Mom here. I feel like Al will not be alone as she will help him get to heaven. My biggest fear is that something will happen to me and Al will be alone. I know that angels are around us and I know I believe in God. But three different times with the door this week, something is happening. I was scared last night, I was startled. It had been so quiet and at midnight no one was around but us three at the campfire


      • I was just in the middle of replying and it disappeared. If you get half a reply ignore it. haha.
        Anyway – I would have been afraid also. For real. I do not understand all the spiritual world – I just know Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit. We lost a daughter and the Lord gives us dreams with her in them. It’s awesome. I’ve heard of other people preparing to die that have seen loved ones. It’s not a bad thing to believe. Praying for you to have peace and love ad no fears for you and Al. It’s both a hard time and can be a glorious time. Love to you Terry.


  5. Terry this is NOT your mom this is a presence portraying your mother! God is love not fear nor startling a person as this thing is. Get a pastor or elder from the church to come right away to annoint your home and bless each and every doorway and window so that this evil can not do this anymore…Have them pray over Al and you some how an enity has entered and it needs to know God is about you and that you have the armor of faith enough for both you and Al. I am praying fervently for you, Al and your home right now.


  6. I read this with the music on it didn’t give me chills but the chainsaw did give me a headache, because I come to this from a different angle than many of your other followers I sometimes know my views are probably considered a little strange but I still believe your mums spirit is the one causing most of the activity at your home whether she slammed the door or not I am not sure there is another option but this one is a little far out there for most people to believe. There are some who believe it is possible for some people to leave their bodies and project their astral body to enjoy the freedom that their limbs no longer allow. The body remains in a trance state while their mind explores and enjoys freedom. It is also this that is said to be responsible for people seeing relatives at the times of their death although the dying relative may be thousands of miles away. I am not sure how much of this even I believe but I do believe enough to not dismiss it as impossible

    One thing I am sure of is that there in nothing sinister in your house the things that have happened are totally inconsistent with any form of evil entity being there xx


  7. I have doctors and nurses continually telling me Al has little time left. Any day,any week. Since Al spends so much time speaking to Mom, dreaming about her, seeing her hand, I consider the option of tug and war. Is Mom reaching her arm down to him, helping him? Is Al refusing? I don’t know. I am so glad there were two others among me who saw the door open and close. Other wise people would think I have lost my marbles. There is one thing about Al and I though, neither of us lie, we only speak the truth. Al believes what he is hearing and seeing, who am I to question. What right do I have to question? The door did slam loudly. Whatever or who ever was upset about something.


  8. If its scary Terry it needs to be addressed. You have authority over your home and everything in it. I suggest you make a statement to whatever is doing this and simply say something like, “this is my home and Al is under my care. Your actions are frightening and your presence is no longer accepted in this home. Go back to where you came from and leave us alone.” I would also call on all that is good to wrap you and surround you and Al with goodness and help you to keep any negative or evil away from you and your home. This is my suggestion only because I know we are always in control of what we let stay in our lives. Including spirit beings. XO Sheri


      • If your minister understands the battle hen most definitely have him come. Two is always stronger than one and a cord of tree is not easily broken. But this is something you can do yourself sweetness. Your faith is all you need. Faith that your spoken word is heard and power has been given to you to build walls of angels around your house is yours. I don’t know why, for what reason the being is there, but no matter. If you an Al and friends are afraid we all know fear is not of God, it is indicative that what is there shouldn’t be. So again you can do this no worries. You are a gentle spirit, be gentle but authoritative. All is well my friend. How blessed you are to see what cannot be seen. XO


  9. Terry…the presence seems to be benevolent…not harmful. (That is from my distance energy scan I have done.) If it is disturbing you, then get some sage. Either essential oil or a dry smudging stick. Also sea salt dissolved in water the sprinkled in every area of the house…closets, cabinets, drawers everywhere. You can mix the oil with water, put 22-33 drops (whatever feels right to you) in a quart spray bottle. Then spritz everywhere…all rooms, beds closets drawers the whole bit.The door ways, inside and out. If you get a smudge stick, it lights like and incense stick. Carry a glass or bowl with you to catch the ashes and do the same thing. Wave it all around the house, open all drawers, closets even the oven, cabinets and fridge.
    Remember, as Al grows closer to departing from the physical and moving into spirit, you will see and hear many things that normally our human-ness doe snot notice. We mostly do not notice them because we have been trained out of acknowledging our ability to “see, hear and feel” such things. Children that are under the age of seven always see and acknowledge that the dimensions blend. They do not feel anything scary or strange about this.
    You can call a pastor or clergy, but you can also clear any energy that is making you feel scared with the sage or salt water.
    Otherwise, allow the energies that Al needs to help him move from physical to spirit do their work and know that they are there for your comfort.
    If you need I can send you info on where to get these items. I also have them and can send them to you if you would like.
    The feng-shui kit in my blog would also be very helpful for you both. It will uplift the energy in your home and remove any negative energy and blockages that are hindering your progress to the best life you can have. Let me know what I can do for you. I am happy to help. Much love to you both and I will send a clearing energy to you, Al and your home tonight.


    • I am glad you said it is nothing harmful. I have always thought it is our Mom trying to take Al to heaven. He wants to go but yet he is afraid. I have lots of sage and I will do as you suggest. I really appreciate all of your information. If this doesn’t work I will get back with you. But now that i know more from you I think I should let Al have his space with who ever he is relating too. Thank you so much for your help Amber. Great big hugs


  10. Wow, I’m going backwards with your posts (I have GOT to quit doing that every time I am catching up), and this was really spooky! Although I am still not convinced it is anything evil, I also wouldn’t have a clue to what it is. Frank and I joke about our “man in the attic,” because we have been experiencing odd things in our house lately ourselves. But I’ve never read anywhere in the Bible where God slams doors or scares people. Maybe houses just take spells of acting persnickety, idk. I’d rather think that than the alternative — there would be a lot of houses with evil spirits if that were the reason, lol.
    Someone told me years ago when odd and scary things were happening around my oldest daughter when she was little — I mean REAL odd things — that energy that is pent-up (many times children especially just have more energy than their bodies can contain), gets flung around and runs into things. With my daughter, things would fly off of tables, curtains (rods and all) would fly off of windows, toys would move or start activating even when they were turned-off, doors would close, etc. Always when my daughter was around. Then over time it just gradually stopped. The person that was telling me about the pent-up energy thing said that it is common for the body to begin to be able to hold all the energy. Perhaps Al has a lot of pent-up emotional energy — or you.
    All that said, I don’t know if that is the case with you and Al or not, but it is a plausible and halfway scientific explanation. Some people think this pent-up energy phenomenon is the reason for what some people refer to as poltergeists. At any rate, you sure know how to relay the story so that it makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up!
    I’ll keep you in my prayers that nothing else scary happens with you and Al!


    • When I look back I don’t know if I was so scared or startled. Today I still wonder if it is Mom. She used to slam doors all the time when she was frustrated. She has been reaching down to Al for weeks now but he won’t grab a hold of it for his own personal reasons. I don’t feel it is evil. I think it or she is here for him. Prayers work. I think this is where I get confused. Al and I speak and pray to God a lot. How could something evil penetrate our home when we are God fearing people……………


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