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You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Have you ever seen the movie titled Patch Adams? It is my ultimate movie. I have watched it more times than my age number. I am going to do something that I have never done before. I am going to replace Robin Williams, the star of the movie with me.

I am going to build a log cabin. This new home will over look mountains of green grass and wild flowers. You will be able to over-look the whole scene and feel the hope in the air.

After I have the cabin built, I will move myself along with a team of volunteers who are wanting to help. We would immediately begin to build another log style home in walking distance.

It would be on the large-scale of the home we live in. It would hold a very large waiting area with smaller rooms that hugged each side of a wall. A welcome desk would await each visitor that walked in the front door.

There officially would be no doctor on call. There would be volunteers of people with experience in the field of caring. A visitor would bring his weary soul in and find comfort. A cool drink of water a slice of fresh home-made bread with apple butter.  A cut would be cleansed and wrapped in a covering. A person who could sit with a client and be a good listener for all who want to talk. Hours would be open to all and volunteers would rotate hours and days. You would never see a closed-door to anyone needing a hug.

Behind the home there would be a vast space that is growing vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes, corn, beans,  peas, onions, melons and carrots. If a customer could afford a few pennies these were placed in a jar and new seedlings would be purchased to continue growth all year round.

When someone comes in with an empty stomach, they could pick up a recycled bag and go to the garden and fill it up with nourishing foods. In a small plot next to the plants would be a patch of flowers. The clients could pick a couple of flowers to carry home with them. It would brighten their day.

Medical expenses are so high it is actually preventing people from seeking help. Many times it is of a medical need but so many other times it is an emotional need. The staff would grow by using clients to help out in ways that would use their talents. Maybe they would work in the gardens. Perhaps they would help to bake bread. Maybe they would help sweep floors or do laundry and hang on the clothes line outdoors. This is a situation where everyone would win.

The client would feel useful. The staff would become more than basic. Everyone helping everyone. During the dusk hours and breaks we would stand outside and look over the shadows resting atop the mountains and give thanks to our almighty God for giving us the opportunity to help just one person.


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