We Will Know

Are any of you waiting, yearning, hoping, trying to pass it off as a fleeting thought? Do you lay at night, hugging your pillow? Do tears ignore you and continue to fall? Are you glad when morning arrives and the hustle and bustle of another routine day arrive?

Do you ever feel like you are too old? That life has left a void in your heart? Or maybe you had prior chances and blew it, so this is the price you  pay for tomorrows?

What is love

But a cozy feeling

A tender kiss

A wink from him

A smile from her

Mores codes

Body signals

Reading each

Others eyes

Falling in bed

At night

Knowing the

Other pillow

Is occupied

An arm over

Your arm, heat

Keeping you warm

A text saying

I love you

And thinking

I was with you

I don’t pray about it like I used to. I do carry with me a hope that my time is not up. That I can find my Adam, and you can find your Eve. God sees no time, no weeks nor months. We must never give up entirely for what our hearts desire.

We were not meant to live alone, but yet we adjust. No one sees the emptiness deep inside our souls. We are able to laugh and express our thoughts, but we keep this one door locked, only opening it to the one who looks into our eyes.

As we pass each

Other on the street

Arms brush against

Each other, hairs

Stand on edge

Electricity sparks

Between us

And I feel

What you feel

That we are

Falling in love.

Terry Shepherd


20 thoughts on “We Will Know

  1. Sometimes, I have feelings that I blew it away in my career. I hoped to postpone my marriage but my parents suggest to accept my husband’s marriage proposal and I listened to them. If not, I will be having financial stability to provide for my parents. Now, no financial independence 😦


  2. Terry, I’m concerned to hear that you think ‘we are not meant to live alone’. I really do think some of us are and we do it very well and most contentedly. I have to be honest and say that while we are all interdependent in terms of survival, that does not mean we should all live with another person under the one roof. Perhaps you’d like to give this one a wee bit more thought. I am often alone, but never lonely. I’ve lived alone (by choice) for most of my adult life. It sounds as if you feel lonely in your current life.


    • I was looking at it more from the Biblical view when I wrote it. Of course there are those who prefer to live alone. I am not one of them. I would rather have a mate in my life. I don’t like living alone. I need a rock to stand beside me


      • I think that you’re a very strong person and can handle things really well on your own, Terry.
        You should give yourself more credit.
        I think you do an amazing job with Al.
        (not sure if I could do it).


      • Yes, I agree, I am stronger than I think, but sometimes I would like to lean on someone else, let another take the stress and decisions off of me, but you are right, I can do it alone if need be. Thanks my friend


  3. I’m sure Love will enter your life when the time is ready. I was 21 when I divorced and I was alone for almost 30 years and thought I had to be without a “match” for the rest of my life and when I finally let go the thought of a man and strove for other fullfillments of my heart, my husband stepped into my life. So I’m a believer that everything comes at the right time and I also believe in pairs. Hope you’ll find your match soon Terry 🙂


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