Daily Prompt; Freedom of Facebook

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Facebook has recently come under attack for failing to enforce
its own guidelines on hate speech and violent imagery. Is it a website’s
job to moderate the content users post, or should users have freedom to
say what they want? Is there a happy medium? If so, how would you
structure it?

When I was a new baby on Facebook, it seemed a pretty cool place. I was able to catch up with lost friends through the years. I could chat without making long distance phone calls.

I was able to fill up my friends on FB pretty quick. I loved it. Each night I was able to sit back and relax, drink my diet coke and chat a way. Soon friends of mine were letting their friends see what I was saying.

FB adjusted some privacy issues and all was well again for a while. Then people I didn’t know started making comments. I blocked some because I don’t like swear words or nudity on my own page. That worked for some time.

But as time went by so many changes were made to Facebook. It grew by leaps and bounds. I think it was way bigger than Mark ever thought it was going to be. It seemed when I tried to make my pages more secure, it became less secure.

Now anyone seems to be able to comment on other friend’s sites. And those friends were friends of mine in the very beginning. I now use my FB for Finding Solutions, which turned into a place to place my stories from WP.

So as far as improvement, not going to  happen. I see naughty words, almost naked people, drunks or sayings letting young adults believe drinking is cool. I see people who believe in God. People who hate God are on there.

And let me tell you that the number one hater thing I see on my pages is the President. I always find it odd that the US voted him in, and now those same are complaining daily. why did they vote him in if they were going to cut him down? We can’t have our cake and icing both you know.

An Ill Man’s Inner Thoughts

Some days I see gray

Then my body begins to sway                                                     helpinghand

I remember what used to be

Before darkness came over me

Shadows casting undertones

Leaving me to deal with this all alone

Hiding in my own dark sack

Wishing I could take it back

I didn’t ask for this

I swear on a golden kiss

It sneaked in and took a seat

It landed at my feet

I pray it will go a way

Maybe come another day

I watch as others play

On a bright and sunny day

While cars going here and there

I am sitting here my soul too bare

If I could turn back the time

And go back to when I was nine

And know what I do today

I swear I would  pick another way

To live my life each day

I would honor each I know

And say I love you so

I would set my worries a way

And save them for a rainy day

But alas I am sitting here

My eyes full of tears

I have heard the door knocking

But I have worked hard on blocking

That my time is almost up

I have filled up my cup

My illness is taking me

To levels above the trees

I can see Jesus hands

Reaching through all the lands

He is tugging at me I can feel

He wants to take my illness and peel

It a way and bring me home

To sit with him near the throne.

Terry Shepherd


Apology, Crash and Burns

flashing starFirst I want to apologize. I know I have not done a good job on commenting to your remarks. I want to, but I have been so busy I just plain haven’t had time. I hope you don’t think me rude, or worse yet, leave my blog. I promise I am doing the best I can.

You know the other day when I posted the big bout of laughter I had? It is a good thing because come Tuesday and worse yet today, I have placed the laughter on the back burner again.

I want to laugh, I swear I do, but how can I? How can I pretend that life for some isn’t grand? Others so close to me are truly suffering. Even if I wanted to, I can’t do it right now.

I got a call this morning about 9am. Guess who? The nursing home, yes you are right. Al had fallen. These seem to be old words to me anymore. Just dip your hands into the water bucket and pull out the letters FALLS.

This time he fell in the bathroom. He was impatient. He had gotten his wheelchair stuck in a position that he needed help. The nurse was in the room but she was giving Al’s roommate his insulin. She couldn’t just drop everything and go help him. She says she told him to hang on a second, but he thought he could do it himself.

He tried to stand and couldn’t take one step. He fell  hard to the floor. He damaged ribs, received a couple of lacerations,and broke his glasses.

I went to the administrator and told him I wanted Al off the Exellon Patch now.  He grinned at me and asked,” Do you want staff to just get him ready in the mornings and then bring him to the dining room so he can watch TV?”

“Will he get any better observations this way?”

“No, no one is in there. Everyone is working to get staff up.”

“Then I hardly see how that can be beneficial to Al.”

“I want that Doctor R. taken off of his case. I didn’t ask for her or send for her. In fact, I don’t even know anything about her. She won’t give out her phone number. I don’t even know if she is from in town.”

“Well she didn’t end up being here without your  permission.”

“Excuse me, she did end up here without my knowledge. She was brought in by your facility when you decided to place Al in isolation. I have argued the point of putting him on drugs that could make him worse, but I lost. So much for my guardianship.”

He smiles.

“If you don’t remove the drug and her from my brother’s care, I will be forced to go to the public phone and call the State Board of Health. You are not his doctor nor do you have permission to be calling in whom ever you wish.”

Smile from his face leaves.

Instead of answering comments last night, I had done some heavy-duty research on this new drug. I discovered that it can cause worse heart problems. Oh ,my, Al is a heart patient with CAD. It also causes fatigue, loss of appetite, and dizziness,  plus UTI’s.

“Now because of this stupid drug I didn’t want  him on, he has fallen and hurt himself this time. He has had to have a sterile Catheter take, and x-rays. I am now also responsible for purchasing him more glasses.”

Still no smile.

I stood up and shook his hand like a nice lady. I gave him my biggest smile, then I trotted out of his office. About a half an hour later, the Psyche Doctor called for me. Our conversation went like this.

“I hear you don’t want me on the case any longer.”

“It isn’t that you are not a good doctor, I just don’t want a shell for a brother. I explained to you with great intense that I didn’t want you putting him on anything that would destroy who he is, but you ignored my words. So yes, I want you gone and I want the patch Dcd.”

“Alright, no problem. I wish you luck when you take him home.”

“It will be rough, but it will be him and me. I understand where he is coming from. You don’t know him, and I will be able to keep a closer eye on him.”

“Alright, goodbye.”

For now friends, I have limited power over his food intake. When he comes home, I can do a better variety. Usually what they offer Al is fried chicken, or baked fish or a hot dog. Always red beets or green beans, glazed carrots, or Brussel sprouts. Cinnamon apple rings, ice-cream, once in a while cake, or fruit cocktail. It doesn’t waver much from this menu in the seven months he has been there.

Today he didn’t eat half of his lunch. I know that Al has cut way down on his eating but yet he gained two pounds. I am going to chalk this up to Edema in his feet.

After lunch I ran to the eye vision place and had his glass frames replaced. When I got back I planned to visit but he was asleep and I couldn’t wake him. I left his new glasses and whispered goodbye.

Now I am home and with me I brought most of Al’s cars he had at the facility. I asked my son if he could come down and find some more space for shelving. I need to put these cars somewhere, and  his closet is full.

My son said maybe tomorrow because today is his birthday. Well crap on me. I had a cookout and birthday party so to speak on Monday and gave him money, but I guess I forgot to say the big words, Happy Birthday to him. Even at 33 years old my kids still need to hear those important words. I did it, I said it, and now is well with him once again.