War Brings a Miracle



With his cane in one hand and a leash in the other he walked the shore line. Each step he took, his shadow followed, helping pave the way. Each morning Dan and his dog, Colonel walked the sandy beaches.

Dan would find his favorite spot and stand gazing out over the ocean. Memories finding their way back to the surface. Where once upon a time he was a prisoner behind walls of a military hospital. His mind was locked and nothing would come to him when he lie back on his pillow. Staring into blackness  not even wondering who he was or what he was doing there.

At one time shot in the back of the head by the enemy forcing him into a deep coma for many months. Being fed by tubes and checked on hourly, he never moved nor blinked. Hidden within his own walls of protection he lay waiting for a kiss from the frog.

Visitors came and went. Doctors and nurses changing shifts, but he didn’t notice. There was no hope left to cling to. He would lie there until death came and knocked at his door wanting to take him home.

Then one day a fellow service man stopped by his bed. Deep in the shadows of his brain something triggered. A familiar voice from a friend gone by. Electricity began to spark within the cranial. Small lightening connecting tissue to nerve brought forth a new life.

Then his lungs took on a new look as breathing became deeper. Fingers gently moved and soon the footing of the bed stirred. Eyes opened and he looked into his buddy that he had served with during war.

A loving touch placed on his arm and a finger felt on his face as tears were being wiped a way. Arms outstretched grabbing hold of a cotton gown bringing warmth of another human life.

Doctor and nurse standing in back ground muttering, it’s a miracle, just plain nothing but a miracle.

The friend left so Dan could rest. He assured him he would be back the following day. Dan was once again tested and no miracles could be seen to the visible eye. But yet each hour Dan stayed awake more and more.

Soon he was taken off of the tubes and was fed soft diets. Each day his buddy would come and visit. He would sit with him and help him with his therapy so that one day he was able to stand on his own two feet with the help of only a cane.

Talk between the two was of the past war. Bits and pieces of what Dan heard began to click. A story of pride and love and strength formed in his head. God had done a miraculous job of hiding or destroying all the terrible things Dan had seen.

His friend lived on an ocean front and his wife had passed away suddenly. He was all alone and needed a friend. Dan needed a place to go and the invitation to come live with his comrade didn’t need second thinking.

The day came and Dan was introduced to the ocean. A new friend was introduced, whose name was Colonel. Each day grew a deeper bond between war buddies and man’s best friend. Each week brought renewed strength. Until a new habit was formed. You could always count on Dan and Colonel being seen together looking out over the ocean’s view.

Two Hearts

Restless hearts

Yours there and

Mine here

Intertwined through

Feelings from

English: 2 of hearts.

Unspoken words

Held fast by

Years of

Knowing each other

Your thoughts

Are mine

Any I am in

Your thoughts

Being apart

And yet very close

Holds this bond

Together forever

Til death comes

For one of us.

Terry Shepherd