Where Ever You Are


I have thought of you today

And know  we won’t connect

You live your life so different

It’s as if we’ve never met.

Somehow we lost each other

In the bumpy roads we walk

We used to be so close

But now we never talk.

I love you as a sister

But fear for what you do

I pray you find the light

And return to your old you.

But just remember sister

I know what day it is

I have thought of you today

Happy birthday little sis.


16 thoughts on “Where Ever You Are

  1. (( ))…there seems to be a lot of loneliness for siblings in the blog-O-sphere today. I hope you guys reconnect. Hell, I hope I reconnect with my still living–though distant–sister, too. Life is too short.

    This poem really touched me.


    • I know. My sister and I are on two totally different paths. Hers is dangerous and mine is boring. It has been three years since we have spoken. i have reached out many times to no avail. I can do no more at this time


    • this is beautiful and yet so sad. thank you so much. After what I have dealt with the past few days with Al’s wishes and it falling through, missing my dad, hating watching my brother die, I just sit here and cry, so exhausted, so tired, yet I will remain strong through all of this


    • I wish so hard that I even had an idea of what really happened between us. I have to believe that her life style has tarnished her thoughts and views on life. thank you Michelle


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