The Path You Walk Through

The bride and groom sign the book after their ...

The bride and groom sign the book after their wedding ceremony is complete. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you ever take the time to think about your future and where you would be in 30 or 40 years? Did your sweetheart and you talk about all the things you wanted to experience in life? You had your life all planned out. Working at this or that company. Making yourself a name in the community. Your spouse was going to be a stay at home wife and mommy? Was she going to have a career? Where were you going to plant your home? In your home state, or maybe a move hundreds of miles away? How many children did you two plan on having? Did you pick out names? What kind of cars were you going to own? A brand new one and a clunker for a spare? One car? What kind of house did you dream about owning? One story, two? One car or two car garage? Did you talk about money? Decide which one of you was the better saver? I imagine you planned out where you were going to place your savings too. Did you ever plan on anything unexpected happening in your life? What would you do? How would you make it work. Did you think about how you would feel if one day you woke up and didn’t feel well, and the doctor is telling you that you have MS, or  maybe a type of cancer?  Did you take into consideration the vow, for better for worse, for richer or poorer? Did you ever ponder on how you would feel if you became the only bread-winner? I didn’t. I was full of dreams. Romance was all I could see when I was young. Spending every moment together. Waking up and going to bed with him or her beside me. Fairy tales. That is how I lived. Forever and ever, til death us do part. God allows us  to build character, and back bone through many mistakes and choices we make in our lives. He prepares us for our future, whether we realize it or not. What I do today, was never in my plan. I never thought about life moving forward, unwanted changes taking place. The loss of jobs, parents, children growing up, illnesses, is what has made me strong today. I am strong enough to care for my brother. I am able to make sure he is safe and secure. Without my realizing, God carved out my path in my life, giving me all the experience he knew I would need one day. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to be a blessing to another child of yours.

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